Tuesday, February 13, 2007

American crop

My god, I have been awful at blogging this past months but I'll make it up to you guys.

Last night was a crop evening at the scrapbooking store where I usually go. The whole evening was in 'American style'. There were 3 American girls who are in Belgium for 3 years. Their husband works in a company for screens (tv, pc, ...) here in Belgium. We had soda's (Sprite and diet coke), peanuts and cookies (cheese flavour with peanut butter). My god, those cookies were fantastic. Mmmm, wish we could buy them over here too. As you can see, I didn't think about my diet, haha. We had too much fun that evening. I made a page about my sweet friend Tamara who lives in Madrid, Spain. Tammy, if you read this, your page looks great. I have to take a pic and show it here. I took some pics of the crop too so I'll show them soon.
The cookies looked similar to these but they were squares not round and the cookie was orange coulour. Does anybody knows them. They are little 'bags' with 6 cookies in it. They are sooooooo yummie. We really need American food here but we haven't.

This morning I got a phone call at 8.45 am from the principal of my school. One of the teachers who teach the first grade in kindergarden (kids are 2,5 or 3 years old) has a meeting tomorrow so she can't teach. The principal has phoned several persons but nobody is available. 1 girl doesn't know yet as she is still in another school but it's probably her last day. So he asked me if I could replace that teacher if the girl can't come. Of course I said YES!! I know it's only for 1 day but it will be great to be at school for more hours. I'm just wondering about how it will be as when we learn for a teacher we need to choose what age. You can choose 'kleuter' (todler) and that 's the age of 2,5 tot 5 years old. Or you can choose primary school wich is 6 to 12 years old. I chose primary school so I know it will be diffrent to work with todlers but it's only for 1 day. I really hope that I can have that job for 1 day. Cross your fingers for me, please!!!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday

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Plufke said...

I agree, the cookies were tasting great.