Saturday, July 28, 2007

25th birthday

Almost 3 years ago, Eric organised a suprise party for my 25th birthday. I made a page about this wonderful party with all my friends. It was fantastic and I was so surprised that I started crying when I saw everybody there. I didn't want to go in as I was a bit shocked, haha.

I used white cardstock and blue paint. The '25' are thickers. Just love thickers.

Have a wonderful weekend and if you are scrapping: be creative!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

I have been tagged by Charlotte and Didi

Here are 5 other people who have fantastic blogs. Of course there are many others but I can only choose 5.
Talesfromthecrib, Rianne, Vanessa, Birgit Koopsen and Domestic Goddess.
You can find their blogs on the right side of my blog.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I am the happiest person in the world!!! Now you are wondering 'why'. Well, last night (2 am), Eric and I returned from his pub. We both heard a strange noise in the garden. We had a closer look and there was Baileys. Alive and kicking!!! I was so happy to see her again that I opened the door immediatly and she walked in our kitchen. Nothing strange going on with her. She was not skinny at all, just a little scared from sudden noises. She has been gone for 2,5 weeks. I really wonder where she has been. Unfortunatly she can't tell me, haha.I was watching tv and she jumped on my lap and we started cuddling. She's sooooo sweet.

Friday, July 20, 2007

that's life

Hi everyone,
How's life over there? Weather has changed from beautiful sunny weather into grey, rainy weather. We had a thunderstorm this morning with lots of rain. Lucky, we didn't get any damage. Some people have problems because water came into their house.
Yesterday we went to Sluis. That's a city in the Netherlands, just across the border. The weather was great so we enjoyed walking around the city. We had lunch there too. I ate a French salad with warm camebert cheese. Yummie!!!!!

Today I had to have my car checked again. Once a year we need to go to the official place to get our car checked. If something is wrong, we get a red card and if it's OK we get a green one. I went last week and got a red card because there was something wrong with my breakes at the right back side. Got that fixed and went again this morning. Guess what????? I got another red card as there was something wrong with my left front breaks. Can you believe that? So I need to go again (and pay again). I'm so angry!!!!!

Hope your day is better than mine.

ps: Baileys is still missing. Nobody saw her.....

Friday, July 13, 2007


I made this page last Sunday. The pics are taking in the bathroom of the Novotel at Disneyland Paris. Journaling is about my passion for photography and my wish to own a Nikon D80. My dad has a Nikon D 70 and I could use him in Disneyland.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

OMG, where did time go????? It's already Tuesday July 10th. I can't believe this. I really need some time for myself. 10 days have gone and I didn't do any 'vacation stuff'.

Erics back is still very painful. I try to help him every day in his pub. On Sunday, we had a day off as someone else offered to open the pub. We went out with friends to have lunch together. It was fantastic to be with Eric without working in the pub.

On Monday we went to the ' Tour the France'. The cyclists had to ride through Belgium and they came to a city only 3 km from Ieper. We were invited to a VIP-lunch. We could see the cyclists and had food and drinks for free. It was lots of fun to be in the atmosphere of the Tour the France.
Later that day we went to the sauna and jacuzzi so that Eric could relax his back. We were very lucky as there was an offer. We could stay 3 hours and only pay for 2. Isn't that great??? When we came home we watched the DVD 'Blood Diamond'. did you see it already?? It's very touching. I cried at the end.

I'm feeling very sad the last days as my sweet kitty, Baileys hasn't come home for the past 6 days. I really hope she isn't hit by a car. I love her a lot and I couldn't stand the thought that she is dead. The longer it takes the more I realise that she must be dead. She's never away for such a long time.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Here I am again. Eric's back is still hurting a lot so, I'm helping him at the pub. It's so busy that I don't have time for anything else. I still have letters to write to my pals (sorry girls). My pics are waiting to be scrapped, I can't finish my book that I'm reading, the house really needs to be cleaned ....

Yesterday I went to The Netherlands with a friend. There are some big scrapbooking stores over there that we wanted to visit. We had a wonderful time and I bought tons of paper and alphabet stickers. I hope to find some time to scrap this week as all this fantastic paper is waiting for me.
For those who know some shops in The Netherlands: We visited 'De Creatie' in Veghel and 'De Scrapbookwinkel' in Heesh. Both shops are amazing. I've never seen soooooo many paper. It felt like heaven. Unfortunatly, my wallet wasn't in heaven, hahaha

Going mad in 'De scrapbookwinkel'
Yep, need to pay too

Enjoying some soup at 'De Creatie'

Our healty dinner at Mc Donalds, haha
About our vacation spot!!! It has been guessed already. Rianne, you are right, we are flying to Turkey in August.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Books and game

Hi everyone,
Today is my officially the first day of my 2 months summer holiday. Yippppeeeee!!!! I'm so happy to have more free time now.
Eric and I didn't plan going on vacation this year but we decided to go. We will leave on August 14th and stay there for a week. Now, I guess you are curious about the country we will visit?? Well, I'll play a game with you all. I'll give a clue every day and you have to guess where we are going. I'm curious how long it will take till someone knows the right destination. (Desi, Daphne and Kelly, you can't play as I already told you where we are going, haha)

clue 1: We need to take the plane and it's about a 3,5 hours flight. For those who don't know, I live in Belgium.

Something else now: Eric is having problems with his back. He had surgery about 4 years ago and now he's in major pain again. Poor guy. He's seeing a physical therapist and needs to go to the hospital on Friday for a scan. I hope he doesn't need a surgery again. I try to help him as much as possible so I spend a lot of time in his pub working there. That's why I'm not online a lot lately.

Oh yes, did some scrapping again too. It's a page about the library in my city. I'm addicted to book so you can imagine that I spend a lot of time there. It was my favourite place as a kid and I went there 2 times a week during holidays.