Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rain, Rain, Rain

Woke up this morning with the sound of rain and when I got to bed last evening it was raining too. Yeah, back to rainy days!! I've been told that we will have storm tomorrow. I hope it waits till the evening as I need to work tomorrow. No teaching for me today. I never have to teach on Wednesday as I don't have a full time job. Yes, I earn less money but I love this school and I didn't want to leave it so I choose to work less hours. The positive thing is that I see my sweetie more. Normally he works when I get back from my work and he's at home when I teach so we don't see each other often. We see each other in bed but I'm sleeping when he gets home.

So with this rainy weather, today will be a crafty day again. Still got lots of pics to scrap from our holiday in Thailand and my knitting work is waiting too. There are still some 'jobs' waiting to be done like:
* working out
* cleaning the stairs in our house
* writing a letter to my friend Claudy
* cooking lunch
* going to the shop to buy a portofolio for my Weight Watchers Recipes.
The 'jobs' in green have been done so far.

Hope the weather is better at your side of the world. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments. Love you all!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Koh Samui

Here I am again with some new Thailand scrapbook pages. These are the first ones of our visit to the tropical island Koh Samui. Hope you aren't bored yet with all my pics. Let me know what you think about them. It's always nice to hear what other people think.
Oh yes, is there someone who can give me a tasteful recipe for muffins and muffins with chocolate??? I hope you guys can help me out!

Monday, February 26, 2007

My Monday

Pffffff, this was a day that made me tired!!!! I had to work at another school today where I was in grade 4. There were 29 kids in that class. That's a lot. Normally I have around 15 kids. All went will till the last 2 hours. Then they had crafts and they were getting talkative. I told them that they could whisper a bit cause that's always fun when you are creating. After a while it was getting louder and louder. When I told them to be quiet, they stopped for a while and started again. Yeah, it's hard when they are with 29. It's even harder when it's not your own group. I was there for just 1 day. By the time I got home I had a painful head.

I'm really into baking lately. I saw an add in a newspaper about some cake dish for muffins. They are in silicone and you can use them in the oven. They were cheap, 5 euro. So I took my bike and rode it to the shop. When I came there, all were sold. So I went to 3 others shops but none of them had it. I got so angry that I bought myself a candy, cereal bar with chocolate. When I got home, my dad came over to give me 2 cake dishes in iron. He doesn't use them so I could have them. Yippee!!!!

Now it's already 9 pm and I'm so tired of this day that I don't feel like scrapbooking anymore. Maybe a little knitting, don't know yet.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Today is a rainy day!! So it's perfect for some scrapbooking and knitting.
My foot is a tiny bit better. Still painful if I walk around.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bad Saturday

This morning I had to do grocery shopping. As the supermarket is not that far away, I went by foot. Only a 10 minute walk. I have to cross several streets and while I stepped down the pavement, there was a hole in the street (nothing big, just 7 cm or so). I didn't see it and fell on my knees while my right foot was turned around. Auww!!!! I felt so embarressed that I didn't feel the pain. It was hard to walk on my right foot but I made it to the grocery shop and back. Now, I have scratches on both knees and my right foot has a blue colour at the site. It still hurts but I can walk on it. Pffffffffff, I really think that this will be a bad day.

Before grocery shopping I did some cleaning. I had to arrange all my scrapbooking stuff as it was everywhere. I found a place for my albums and magazines. The pictures are arranged in a box too. My little storage 'thing' is like it should be and my finished pages that are not in an album found a place too. I'm so proud of myself!! (pics 4, 5 and 6)

About the knitting!! I started yesterday and it works out fine. I'm not as handy yet as I would like but I'm sure that it can only get better. (pictures 2 and 3)

I'm having a headacke today so I need to wear my glasses. I think none of you ever saw me with glasses so here's a pic.

Have a nice and relaxing weekend!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday, knitting, scrapbooking

Hi guys,
Yesterday afternoon we went to a fair in Brussels. It's called ' Batibouw' and it's about everything that is needed to built a house. We visited 3 halls as we weren't interested in the other 9 halls. Yeah, you are right, there were 12 halls!! The things that we were interested in were bathrooms, kitchens and tiles. We saw lots of kitchens but I didn't like most of them. They were all very modern and that's not the style I want. There were red and even green kitchens. Not pale green but really, really, flashing green. Yikes!!! Who would like that in his house??? This is the style of kitchens that I like (you can find the pics on top)
I guess this is English country style.

When we came home we went out for dinner. It was a real attack to my diet. First I had carpaccio of beaf with parmesan cheese. As main dish I ate a salad with warm camembert cheese. All very yummie!!! But lots of calories I guess. So today is back to diet, haha.

I went to the library on Wednesday and found a really cool book about knitting. It's called 'Stitch 'n bitch'. I wanted to start knitting so this is the perfect book. In the book they explain all the diffrent knitting ways and there are some things that you can make. I want to make a poncho but the one in the book si way to difficult for a first time knitter as I am. So I browsed the net and found a cool website about knitting. There I found a discription of another poncho and I really like it. I went to the knitting shop yesterday and bought some blue yarn. I want to start knitting today. I'll let you know how it all works out. Cross your fingers for me!!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Life as usual

We had a nice time scrapping together, my friend Daphné and I. She arrived at 4:30 pm and left at 8:15 pm. The first 2 hours we didn't scrap as we were talking and watching each others albums. It's great to see how people all have a diffrent style. Scrapping together is lots of fun and it's a good way to share ideas. We could also use each others material. Daphné bought new stamps, an alfabet. My alfabet wasn't the right one for my page so I could use hers. I made a double page about a temple on Koh Samui. Finally I'm done with the temples. Now I can work on the nature of the island, the boat trips, snorkling, .... I have some nice papers waiting for those pages.
I made a nice LO about me and my aunt. It's an old pic as I was only 1,5 years old then. I made it for a challenge so I can't show it right now but when the winner is known, I'll post it here.
Today will be quiet as always. No plans yet. Just finished ironing and now I need to workout. After working out I want to have breakfast. And later today some scrapping I guess!!!
Have a nice Wednesday and enjoy some new LO's about Thailand

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


This evening, my friend Daphné will come over to scrap. Can't wait!!! It's actually the first time that someone comes over to my house to do some scrapbooking. So right now, I'm cleaning the living room so that it looks spotless. The hardest part is cleaning the carpets as we have two cats who love to run around. They leave hair everywhere. Well, eventhough they let me clean a lot, I couldn't miss them. They are so cute. My sweet Baileys jumps on my lap when I watch tv and sometimes she lays very close to my head when I'm laying down in the sofa. She loves to be near me. What a cutie!!!

Sorry for the small update but I need to rush today so tomorrow will be a bigger update with new pics of my Thailand album. Hope you still wants to see them as I'm posting lots of them lately.

Enjoy your Tuesday!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Spring Holiday


Here are some more LO's from Bangkok. I've started with those about Koh Samui already but first I want to publish my Bangkok LO's.

This week is spring holiday for the kids so I don't have to go teaching. It will be so much fun to be at home for a whole week. I want to do lots of things and on top of that list is scrapbooking. Yeah, I know, I'm addicted. Well, it's better to be addicted to scrapbooking than to be addicted to drugs or alcohol, don't you think???

Yesterday I went to a craft fair with a friend. She's into scrapbooking too and she makes jewellery of beads. I didn't feel like going on my own so she came with me. The fair wasn't too big but we enjoyed it a lot. We saw tons of nice stuff but luckely I told myself not to spend more than 20 euro. You can easily spend 100 euro over there. I bought a new scrapbook album for 8,75 euro (a real bargain), a white pen to write on pics, photo glue, 2 papers and a scrapbook magazine. Another friend, Veerle, bought some stamps for me in another store (not at the craft fair) because they were a bargain. I paid 7,75 instead of 14 euro. How cheap it that??? I saw so many beautiful things and there were lots of things that I would love to do. There was a place where you could buy a package to make your own teddy bear or rabbit. It was sooooo cute that I almost bought one but they price convinced me not to buy it. It was 45 euro. But I'll make one for sure, just not now. Maybe when I earn more money.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

More Thailand LO's

Here are some more LO's from my Thailand album. I really hope you like them. So if you've seen them, please leave a comment. Love to hear from you.

Have a nice weekend!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Here are some new Thailand LO's

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Hi guys,
Wanted to show you some LO's I made about our trip to Thailand last August. I've made more than these but I need to take a pic of them first. Yeah, I'm a bit lazy these days. But not lazy enough to stop scrapping, haha.
Enjoy watching them and leave some comments if you want so that I know what you think about them.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007



How are you spending your Valentine's day??? Mine will be rather sad as Eric has to work this evening but we planned to celebrate it tomorrow. Then it's his day off. Can't wait as I won't think about the diet so I want to eat all yummie food. And off course I can't wait as it will be a whole day together with my sweetheart.

Thanks for all those who crossed their fingers for me. I got that job for a day. Yeah, I know, it's only a day but it's a day that I can work and I earn money. So today I was teaching toddlers instead of school children. It was nice to work with them and they were all so sweet. I had 16 of them. We painted a red heart for Valentine's Day. I told them to give it to their parents. I hope the parents are happy with it.

Thanks to Mommahoop, I found the cheese sandwiches with peanut butter on the internet. You can see the image underneath. If someone want to make a trade with me, I would be happy to know. Then I can send you some typical Belgium cookies

You can see it better on this website

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

American crop

My god, I have been awful at blogging this past months but I'll make it up to you guys.

Last night was a crop evening at the scrapbooking store where I usually go. The whole evening was in 'American style'. There were 3 American girls who are in Belgium for 3 years. Their husband works in a company for screens (tv, pc, ...) here in Belgium. We had soda's (Sprite and diet coke), peanuts and cookies (cheese flavour with peanut butter). My god, those cookies were fantastic. Mmmm, wish we could buy them over here too. As you can see, I didn't think about my diet, haha. We had too much fun that evening. I made a page about my sweet friend Tamara who lives in Madrid, Spain. Tammy, if you read this, your page looks great. I have to take a pic and show it here. I took some pics of the crop too so I'll show them soon.
The cookies looked similar to these but they were squares not round and the cookie was orange coulour. Does anybody knows them. They are little 'bags' with 6 cookies in it. They are sooooooo yummie. We really need American food here but we haven't.

This morning I got a phone call at 8.45 am from the principal of my school. One of the teachers who teach the first grade in kindergarden (kids are 2,5 or 3 years old) has a meeting tomorrow so she can't teach. The principal has phoned several persons but nobody is available. 1 girl doesn't know yet as she is still in another school but it's probably her last day. So he asked me if I could replace that teacher if the girl can't come. Of course I said YES!! I know it's only for 1 day but it will be great to be at school for more hours. I'm just wondering about how it will be as when we learn for a teacher we need to choose what age. You can choose 'kleuter' (todler) and that 's the age of 2,5 tot 5 years old. Or you can choose primary school wich is 6 to 12 years old. I chose primary school so I know it will be diffrent to work with todlers but it's only for 1 day. I really hope that I can have that job for 1 day. Cross your fingers for me, please!!!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday