Monday, February 26, 2007

My Monday

Pffffff, this was a day that made me tired!!!! I had to work at another school today where I was in grade 4. There were 29 kids in that class. That's a lot. Normally I have around 15 kids. All went will till the last 2 hours. Then they had crafts and they were getting talkative. I told them that they could whisper a bit cause that's always fun when you are creating. After a while it was getting louder and louder. When I told them to be quiet, they stopped for a while and started again. Yeah, it's hard when they are with 29. It's even harder when it's not your own group. I was there for just 1 day. By the time I got home I had a painful head.

I'm really into baking lately. I saw an add in a newspaper about some cake dish for muffins. They are in silicone and you can use them in the oven. They were cheap, 5 euro. So I took my bike and rode it to the shop. When I came there, all were sold. So I went to 3 others shops but none of them had it. I got so angry that I bought myself a candy, cereal bar with chocolate. When I got home, my dad came over to give me 2 cake dishes in iron. He doesn't use them so I could have them. Yippee!!!!

Now it's already 9 pm and I'm so tired of this day that I don't feel like scrapbooking anymore. Maybe a little knitting, don't know yet.


lilith said...

The funny thing is that I made my first cupcakes today, also with a muffin dish in silicone. I bought it in the Gifi for 8 euro's!

Mine taste really well (I used vanilla flavour), but I have a problem with putting on the icing.

Can't wait to see what you bake of it. ;)

Je@net said...

Mmmh, ziet er lekker uit!!
En de site van Emily vind je hier:

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Those look REALLY good!! Put the scrapping down for a while and knit..I've been doing that and I plan on scrapping tonight! YAY!

Veerle said...

Hai Isolde! Ik heb er morgen 26 en dat in het 1e leerjaar! Dat is dus ook best vermoeiend!! In het 3e leerjaar zitten er bij mij 28!! Veel te grote klassen he! Zouden ze moeten verbieden hihi...

Anonymous said...

En dat met zoveel werkloze leerkrachten. Niet te begrijpen, dat systeem in België... Lang leve de pool! Dat hij maar snel terugkomt!