Monday, February 19, 2007

Spring Holiday


Here are some more LO's from Bangkok. I've started with those about Koh Samui already but first I want to publish my Bangkok LO's.

This week is spring holiday for the kids so I don't have to go teaching. It will be so much fun to be at home for a whole week. I want to do lots of things and on top of that list is scrapbooking. Yeah, I know, I'm addicted. Well, it's better to be addicted to scrapbooking than to be addicted to drugs or alcohol, don't you think???

Yesterday I went to a craft fair with a friend. She's into scrapbooking too and she makes jewellery of beads. I didn't feel like going on my own so she came with me. The fair wasn't too big but we enjoyed it a lot. We saw tons of nice stuff but luckely I told myself not to spend more than 20 euro. You can easily spend 100 euro over there. I bought a new scrapbook album for 8,75 euro (a real bargain), a white pen to write on pics, photo glue, 2 papers and a scrapbook magazine. Another friend, Veerle, bought some stamps for me in another store (not at the craft fair) because they were a bargain. I paid 7,75 instead of 14 euro. How cheap it that??? I saw so many beautiful things and there were lots of things that I would love to do. There was a place where you could buy a package to make your own teddy bear or rabbit. It was sooooo cute that I almost bought one but they price convinced me not to buy it. It was 45 euro. But I'll make one for sure, just not now. Maybe when I earn more money.

Have a wonderful Monday!


Anonymous said...

Hoi, dag Isolde! Inderdaad leuk om je in het echt te ontmoeten! Mijn haar is inderdaad korter, het was geleden van maart vorig jaar en nu ik toch ziek was, heb ik de kapper maar naar huis laten komen! Mijn man, dochter en ikzelf zijn bijgeknipt :-)
Vele groetjes,

Ilse said...

Hey Isolde,

Nog bedankt voor je link! Ik heb net je laatste LO's bekeken. Ze zijn heel leuk! Ik vind het ook heel leuk om te zien dat je veel journaling hebt opgenomen. Ik vind altijd dat je niet zonder journaling kunt :)

Misschien is het trouwens een idee om ideeën voor een receptenboek verder uit te wisselen?