Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Start to run

Hi girls,
I guess you still remember that I did 'Start to run'. I'm still running about 2 or 3 times a week. It improved my health and I feel more energy now. I want to scrap some things about myself and this 'Start to run' thing had to be in it. I'm so proud that I can finally run longer than 3 minutes, haha.

This is the journaling:
In March 2007, I had a date with Evy Gruyaert (she's famous in Belgium). From then on, we had virtual meetings 3 times a week.
Kelly introduced me to 'Start to Run' on iPod. Together with Evy, I did the whole programm and now I can be very proud!! I can run 5 km without stopping.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Scraplift Challenge at 2peas

I joined a scraplift challenge at 2peas. When you post your message that you want to take part, you need to look at the gallery of the one who posted before you. Then you choose a LO and scraplift it.

I had to scraplift Lilith. It was so much fun to browse her gallery and choose a page.

Can't wait to participate again next week. Maybe I'll play again this week if there is still time left to scrap. If you are without inspiration or you would love to try something new, just go to 2peas and join the challenge.

This is the link to my page and Lilith's page.

Only 1,5 week left and then I'll have summer holidays. No more teaching for 2 months. Can you believe that???
I'll have more free time so that means more time to read books, have fun with friends, spend time with my sweetheart and of course more scrap time!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I made another page last week. It's about a crop at Tiny's craft store. They organised an American crop with 3 American girls, cookies, peanuts and coke. I had a wonderful evening and enjoyed talking to the American girls.
My page is based on an Elsie Flannigan page.
Hope your weekend was/is great!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Snif, snif

Snif, snif, snif,
I didn't make it to the 10th round at the Scrapbook Chalet Contest. I'm a bit sad as I had so much fun creating those pages. So I wanted another challenge and decided to give it a try to become a member of the Design Team of It's an amzing blog that works with sketches.
We need to work with this sketch and mail them 2 of our other pages. I'm still thinking about the pages I will use for this Design Team call. Wish me luck girls!

Yesterday, Eric and I were together for 3 years!! OMG, time flies!!! We couldn't celebrate it yesterday but we will today. We booked a body massage for both of us. I can't wait to feel totally relaxed.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


The next round at Scrapbook Chalet Contest. We had to use some doodling on our page and nothing else but patterned paper. This is the page I made. It's about my Sunday evening scrapping time. Most Sundays I go to Kelly's house to scrap together. We always have lots of fun. The journaling tells some more about our scrapbooking together.
- on Sunday evening
- from 5 pm till ....
- first we talk a lot and then we start scrapping
- we drink coke light or pepsi max
- we eat self made cookies or cake
- Youri watches tv downstairs (Kelly's boyfriend)
- it often rains when we scrap together
- we use Kelly's fantastic green scrapstudio
- we are addicted to alfabeths and 7Gypsies stamps.
Let me know what you think about this page. I hope I make it to the next round. We are with 6 now and it has to be 4 for the next round.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Hi girls,

I know I haven't updated since a few days but life is so busy now that Eric is in Egypt. I have been working in his pub for 4 days now and I feel so tired. I open the pub at 11 am till 2 pm and then from 4 pm till 2 am or even later. My feet hurt a lot because I'm not used to walk on it for such long hours. Today is my day off and I feel so good. I stayed in bed till 11 am. Then I went for a run and cleaned the windows. Now I'm checking my mails and blogs because I didn't have time before. This evening will be scrapbooking time. Didn't make a page since 6 days and I really miss it.

About the Scrapbook Chalet contest: I made it to the next round!!!! There are 6 players left now. This is getting so though. The next round sounds like lots of fun but I'm not used to that technique. This is the Round # 9:

Challenge Week # 8 ~ June 4th - June 10th
This weeks challenge will be a hard, but fun one ~ Since everyone loves Doodling so much, I want to see a layout made with 2 photos (no less, no more) and nothing but doodling as your embellishments.. However, you are allowed to use as much paper as you want too..How you do this is up to you, so have fun with it..You will have until Sunday night, June 10th 9:00 PM, EST to upload your challenge and the voting can start at 9:30 Pm, EST.. Good Luck!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday. I'm sure I will cause all I'll do is RELAX!!!!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Contest round # 8

This is what we had to do this week:

Challenge Week # 8 ~ May 26th - June 2nd

Hi Ladies,This weeks challenge is going to be a fun and easy one.. We have a shorter week since today is a Holiday.Each player will be teamed with someone else from the game. You're to choose each others layout and/or altered item from our gallery and scraplift it. When you upload your entry, post a link here with the scraplift and your version of it!You're able to use any products and do anything you want to..You will have until Saturday June 2nd 9:00 PM EST to upload your entry and the voting amongst the players ONLY will start at 9:30 pm ESTTeam Players are:

Beckbeck13 vs Sollie79
Becky Thackston vs Dianne
Craftygirl vs Tropicalart77
ElisaK vs LAM

This is the layout of Beckbeck13 that I chose:

And this is what I made

What do you think? Will I make it to round 9??? My god, this is sooo exciting.