Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Start to run

Hi girls,
I guess you still remember that I did 'Start to run'. I'm still running about 2 or 3 times a week. It improved my health and I feel more energy now. I want to scrap some things about myself and this 'Start to run' thing had to be in it. I'm so proud that I can finally run longer than 3 minutes, haha.

This is the journaling:
In March 2007, I had a date with Evy Gruyaert (she's famous in Belgium). From then on, we had virtual meetings 3 times a week.
Kelly introduced me to 'Start to Run' on iPod. Together with Evy, I did the whole programm and now I can be very proud!! I can run 5 km without stopping.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


Rianne*Z said...

I've also done Start to Run! Started running by myself in may 2006! Start to run was in october.

Didn't run since january... wondering if I could catch up again!

Cool subject for a layout!

Krisje said...

Hey Isolde,

Idd heel leuk onderwerp, en echt iets dat van jou persoonlijk is! Een aantal van mijn kennissen doen dat ook, en ik moet zeggen: chapeau! Ik heb zo'n bloedhekel aan lopen -als gevolg van LO in het secundair- dat ik mezelf er niet kan toe brengen dat te doen. Ik hou het voorlopig op salsa ;-)
Groetjes Krisje xxx

Dawn Stan said...

Great layout. Well done on getting so fit.

Adrienne said...

Love your journaling!! Great way to document your running journey!

Je@net said...

Gave LO joh!!

charlotte said...

Oh - this is great!! Well done on starting running! :)
Wonderful colors and great journaling. I love the flower!

Veerle said...

Hej Isolde! Super dat je al die 5km kunt lopen. Ik ben er ook aan begonnen met een vriendin, maar ik moet nog een hoop lessen. Maar ik vind het super om te doen!

Anonymous said...

Anyone knows if the lessons of Evi also exist in English???