Sunday, April 29, 2007

Scrapbook Chalet contest

This is my entry for the 3rd round of the contest. We had to scraplift the LO you saw on the previous post. I made this page about my dad. The journaling tells how much I appreciate my dad for everything he has done for me during the years. I know he will always be here to help me. We get along very well and we can talk about everything.
There is a quote too on the bottom of the page. 'A father is someone you look up to, no matter how tall you grow'

So, please, go all to the scrapbook Chalet and vote for my page. If you are already a member of the Chalet, just press this link
If you aren't a member yet, please register at the homepage

Have a wonderful Sunday and cross your fingers for me!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Round # 3 at Scrapbook Chalet

Yeah!!! I made it to round 3 at the 'Desinging like a star - contest' at the Scrapbook Chalet. This week we have to scraplift the page you see on top of the entry. I don't have much time left as the page has to be ready by Saturday evening. I'm still thinking about the picture and the pp I want to use. It's not easy and I don't want to be out of the contest this week. So I need something spectacular, haha. Wish me luck, girls!! I'll show you the page from the moment it's finished.

Have a wonderful Friday!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Sunday in pictures

Erics kids came over for the weekend and we had a bbq on Sunday. It was fantastic weather and we enjoyed sitting outside. Normally Eric has to work during the weekends in his own pub but he found someone who could work. It was so nice to have him at home. Only untill 8 pm because then he had to work again.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I've been tagged

I got tagged... by Miranda!
Here's the deal, I list 7 random facts about myself and then choose 7 people to tag to do the same thing on their blog. Here goes!

1. I love baking cakes, muffings, cookies, ... and then I give them away. I only eat 1 or 2 of it.
2. I'm completely addicted to scrapbooking. Need to scrapbook at least twice a week.
3. I love white chocolate.
4. I buy books every 2 months but there are still lots of books in my shelves that I have to read.
5. I need to check my e-mails and blog every day.
6.I love smoked salmon but not baked or cooked salmon.
7. I love city trips but wish that Eric would love them too.

I'm tagging Pflufke, Talesfromthecrib, Vanilla, Vanessa, Adrienne, Desi and Arianne

Friday, April 20, 2007

New site with sketches

I found a fantastic new site with amazing sketches. Here is a little info that you can find on the blog.

Welcome to 'Little Book of Sketches' a sketch resource centre for scrapbookers, cardmakers and stampers alike. We all hit that creative brick wall at times, or you have that photo you want to scrap but just don't know where to begin... well now inspiration is just a mouse click away!Here you will find all sizes of Layout Sketches, different sized Card Sketches along with Tag and ATC sketches. These are all original designs by us, and we hope you find inspiration from our sketches.

It's a wonderful blog so go over there!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Voting started

Hi girls,

The voting at the Scrapbook Chalet has started. It only lasts till this evening so go there quickly and vote for me. I really want to go to the next round of the Contest as I have so much fun creating. This is the link If you aren't a member yet, I guess you have to subscribe but you won't regret it as it's heaps of fun there. And it's free too!!! My name in the contest is Sollie79
This is my LO
If you vote for me, thanks a lot!! You are wonderful.
ps: Let me know what you think about my LO. You can see the sketch we had to use in the entry below this one.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Crop at my place

Hi everyone,

I don't have to work today so I feel great. My Lo for the scrapbook Chalet Contest is almost finished. I'm cutting the title right now. When it's post on the Chalet site, I'll post it here too.

This evening my friend Daphne is coming over again to do some scrapping together. I can't wait to scrap together again as we always have lots of fun. Maybe I can finish my Thailand album this evening. Hmmm, maybe that's a bit too much for 1 evening as I still need to make 3 or 4 spreads.
Here are some more Thailand LO's.
These pics were taken on the boat when we went scuba diving and snorkeling.
This is the pier from where the boat left to go diving.
Oh yes, I handed it the LO for the contest at the scrapbook store where I buy my supplies. Remember I was doubting between the one of my sister or my cat. Well, I chose the one of my sister who went snowboarding. When I showed the one of my cat to the girl at the shop, she asked me if I could leave it there too. She wants to expose it on the scrapbook days too. She loved the flowers I made and she will take a pic of it and put it on their website. I was very pleased with it.
So, enjoy your Wednesday everyone!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

I made it to the next round at the Scrapbook Chalet! I'm in the 'Designing like a star' contest. The first LO we had to make was one about ourself. We had to present ourselves to the others. This is what I made (see on top)

This is the new subject for this week. We need to make a LO using this sketch (see on top again). Can't wait to start with it as I think it's a fantastic sketch.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Feels like summer

Hi guys,
Sorry for not updating but I had nothing special to mention. We are having fantastic weather over here. Yesterday it was 24 °C!! These are temperatures for summer, not for spring. It's not normal for this time of year. The weather has gone crazy. Well, I don't mind as I love warm weather. I could wear tank tops and a skirt. Ooooooh, I love this weather.

Yesterday afternoon I cleaned my desk. During winter it's too cold to work and scrapbook at my desk because there is no heating in that room. As the weather is getting better, I cleaned my desk and moved all my scrapbooking stuff from the living room back to my desk. I took some pics to show you how much work I did. After cleaning I went outside and ironed the clothes while I was in the sun. It was so good to feel the warm sun on your skin.

Thursday evening we watched a movie (Zwartboek, a Dutch movie about the second World War). We love watching movies while we eat cheese with French bread. Mmmmm, it was so yummie!!!

Didn't scrapbook the past days but the weather is too good to sit inside. Maybe I'll scrap this evening, who knows.

ps: I'm still having problems to put pictures in the middle of the text. Strange thing, isn't it??

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Start to run

As I've told you before, I started running about 3,5 weeks ago. My friend Kelly wrote about it in her blog and it really caught my attention. I was looking for something that would improve my condition but I can't afford expensive fitness classes right now. Kelly told me about the programm 'Start to run'. They say that I will be able to run 5 km after 10 weeks of practice. The first lessons weren't to difficult but now I'm at lesson 11 and it's getting harder. I have to run for 5 min and then walk for 2 or 3 minutes. The reason why I am still running (and not give up after 1 lesson) is that the lessons are on my iPod. The girl (Evy Gruyaert) tells you when to run and when to walk. While you are running or walking there is nice music. Well, it's a pitty that the music is the same for some lessons. You should have a look at your iTunes (podcasts). Maybe you can start running too.

The past days were nothing special. Just relaxing, surfing the net, watching tv, cleaning the house and car, ... I haven't been scrapbooking since Sunday but I want to scrap this evening.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Fantastic Sunday

Hey everyone,
Hope your weekend was great. Mine was good, loved every minute of it.
Yesterday evening I went scrapping to Kelly. It's the first time we did some scrapbooking together. It was great to spend time together. I stayed there till 10.15 pm. Yeah, I know that's late. Time goes by way to fast when you're having fun. Kelly has the book by Elsie Flanningan and she told me to take it home with me to have a look at it. I love the designs by Elsie so I'm sure I'll enjoy the book. If you don't know Elsie, here's her weblog (I have some non-scrapping friends too so I can imagine that they don't know Elsie) I made a page of my sister who went snowboarding for the first time. Now I need some advice of you, guys! I want to take part of a scrapbooking contest and I can enter only 1 page. I have 2 favourites but I can't choose. Can you let me know what LO you love the most?? (The pics are on top again)

Thanks Kelly for the yummie spaghetti and your fantastic company!! Hope we can scrap again soon.

ps: Does anybody of you know how I can post pics between the written part. All my pictures appear above my written part.

Friday, April 06, 2007


Here it is! It's a wedding picture of my grandmother and her hubby. He died when my dad was only 3 years old so I've never met my grandfather. I gave this LO to my grandmother as a Christmas gift. It's framed so she can put it on the wall.

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sneak peek

I made this LO a while ago and I gave it to my grandmother. I'll show you the finished LO soon. I love to make you curious, hahaha.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Again some Thailand LO's. The first one is about a jetski that we rented for half an hour. The second one is about an Italian restaurant on the island. We went there with another Belgian couple that we met there.

My Easter holidays are great so far. I am relaxing most of the time. Hmmm, maybe I should do some housework today. I can't let it wait forever. The dust has to be removed in the living room and maybe I can clean the kitchen too.

I really need to go shopping too. We have 3 events that we have to attend and I need new clothes now that I've lost 8 kg. On Thursday we have an opening of a new ice cream shop in the city. On Monday there is the opening of a restaurant/fish shop from friends of us and within 2 weeks there is a birth reception. Yeah, people give a little party because their child is born. So there are less people who visit you at home because they all come to the party.

Have a nice and sunny Wednesday!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I've been tagged

A - Available or single: I have a wonderful boyfriend Eric since 3 years now
B - Best friend: Here in Belgium: Isabel and Tine, International friends: Tamara, Desi, Kaori, ...
C - Cake or pie: Cake
D - Drink of choice: White wine, diet coke
E - Essential item you use everyday: My computer
F - Favorite color: Blue
G- Gummy bears or worms: Gummy bears
H- Hometown: Ieper in Belgium
I- Indulgence: chips
J - January or February: Hmmm, don't like both
K - Kids & names: No kids yet
L- Life is incomplete without? My boyfriend, friends, family, ...
M- Marriage date: Not married
N- Number of siblings: A younger sister, Goedele
O- Oranges or apples: Red Oranges
P- Phobias or fears: Spiders….
Q- Fave quote: Even when it's cold outside, our memories keep us warm
R - Reasons to smile: A beautiful, sunny day
S - Season: Summer
T - Tag 3 or 4 people: Dawn, Adrienne, Vanilla
U - Unknown fact about me: Stays a secret
V- Vegetable you don’t like: spinach
W - Worst habit: Hmmm, don't know. Maybe I'm impatient
.X - Xrays: yes, my left knee and my back
Z Zodiac sign: virgin

Hmmm, where did the letter Y go????

Monday, April 02, 2007

De gevleugelde stad

My weekend was good, very good!! There was a street theatre festival in our city, called 'De gevleugelde stad'. In English it can be translated as 'city with wings'. In the city center there were artists everywhere. I saw many performances and all were very good. On Saturday I went together with my dad and Hilde. We saw an English lady called Abigail and she was fantastic. I laughed a lot. She used men from the audience to help her with her acts. It was soooooo funny. On Sunday I went to see her again. The show was the same but I didn't mind as the men were diffrent and they react diffrent too. On Sunday I went with my friend Isabel. The last group we saw was 'Shake That'. There were 5 guys and they pretended to be bartenders. They made coctails and shaked it in lots of ways. Very spectacular. Enjoy the pics of the festival, they are on top again! Oh yes, I saw Kelly (talesfromthecrib) on the festival!! It was great to see you, Kelly. Can't wait till Sunday as we'll scrap together for the first time. Should be lots of fun.

Today is my first day of the Easter Holiday Don't know what I'll do today. It's a bit overwelming to have so many days off. There are tons of things that I want to do but above all I want to scrapbook and knit.

Have a wonderful Monday and I hope the weather is as beautiful as it is over here.