Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some layouts

I've done some scrapping!!! Yeah, I know, only 2 layouts. I really should scrap more but I just don't find the time. There are still 6 letters waiting to be answered too. So, if you are one of my penpals, don't worry, my letter will come your way soon :-) I haven't forgotten about you.

My niece gave birth to a daughter last year. The girl is named Hera. I took these pics on the birth party.
My boyfriend Eric had his 40th birthday on January 3rd. We celebrated at the pub where we love to go.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Week 3 in February

Febr. 17th: I love watching the Designers. It was the final episode.

Febr 18th: Need to hurry and leave the house as my friend is waiting for me. We had to go to a meeting for school.

Febr. 19th: Yeah, it's Grey's Anatomy again.

Febr. 20th: It was carnaval at school. This is Gilles, he's only 3 years old but totally in love with me. So funny. His mum tells me that he can't stop talking about me.

Febr. 21: We ordered Chinese

Febr 23: Although it's spring break, I worked for school.


I was tagged by Daphné, Karin and someone else. I had to scroll to the 5th file with pics on my pc. There I had to take the 5th pic. This is what came out: Brugge.
I took this picture in December when we were in Brugge. You can see the market place with the ice skating ring (blue and yellow lights).

I don't know who to tag next, so if you like this, just go ahead.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Some highlights of my week

Febr. 8: Working on my 365 project

Febr. 11: My lunch

Febr. 9: Had to see the doctor as my ear was very painful.

Febr. 10: Taking a shower

Febr. 12: It snowed during the night.

Febr. 14: Having dinner on Valentines Day

Febr. 13: Our headmaster will retire at the end of the schoolyear. We gave him a surprise party last Friday.

Febr. 15: We had friends coming over for lunch. They have Singstar and they brought it with them. I loved it!!!

Febr. 16: Some other car must have hit my mirror. It was hanging apart when I saw it.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

New pics

February 5th: Finally!!!! The kit has arrived. Now I can start.

February 1st: Going out for lunch. We had lobster and I drank a mojito to start :-)

February 2nd: We had snow this morning. I took this pic on the playground of our school.

February 3rd: Every evening while watching Home and Away I eat some fruit. Right now, I'm addicted to red oranges

February 4th: Next month, we have to go to a birthday party and the theme is 'Disco'. We decided to go to a shop where you can rent costumes.

February 6th: My mum and Walther. We went out for dinner.

February 7th: my yummie breakfast this morning