Monday, February 23, 2009

Week 3 in February

Febr. 17th: I love watching the Designers. It was the final episode.

Febr 18th: Need to hurry and leave the house as my friend is waiting for me. We had to go to a meeting for school.

Febr. 19th: Yeah, it's Grey's Anatomy again.

Febr. 20th: It was carnaval at school. This is Gilles, he's only 3 years old but totally in love with me. So funny. His mum tells me that he can't stop talking about me.

Febr. 21: We ordered Chinese

Febr 23: Although it's spring break, I worked for school.


Mika said...

Love, love grey's! Mika

Cathy said...

was that project runway.....i love that show

sarah said...

looks like you had a busy week! :) love all the pics!


Mélie said...

You're a heart breaker my dear :) and so young little boy... shame on you ;)