Monday, February 16, 2009

Some highlights of my week

Febr. 8: Working on my 365 project

Febr. 11: My lunch

Febr. 9: Had to see the doctor as my ear was very painful.

Febr. 10: Taking a shower

Febr. 12: It snowed during the night.

Febr. 14: Having dinner on Valentines Day

Febr. 13: Our headmaster will retire at the end of the schoolyear. We gave him a surprise party last Friday.

Febr. 15: We had friends coming over for lunch. They have Singstar and they brought it with them. I loved it!!!

Febr. 16: Some other car must have hit my mirror. It was hanging apart when I saw it.


sarah said...

love all of your pictures... and singstar is so addicting! haha.

and a mojito sounds so delicious! i haven't had one in a long time.


Mika said...

Hoi, overzicht van de week blijft leuk op deze manier. Hoop dat je spiegel er snel weer op zit. Mika

Je@net said...

Leuk om je week zo terug te zien in foto's!

The Italian Voice said...

I miss the "365 days project" and I guess that the one with scrapbooking is even better than the simple one posting photos online, but I don't have enough time now to continue it :(
I sent you an invitation from Blogger via email to read my new blog called "Flair Lounge", I hope you'll accept ;)
A big kiss, my dear friend, it's wonderful to stay in touch again, TTYL, ciao!!!

Iris said...

hihi leuk om te zien wat je deze week weer hebt beleefd! Balen van je spiegel! Hing zeker geen briefje op je ruit... zo irritant!

karin said...

je bent getagged !

Mélie said...

yeah ! love the pix in the car and the shower ! very original