Sunday, February 24, 2008

Strawberry Colada

In the new pub, we want to serve a yummie coctail called Strawberry Colada. We tried it during our weekend at Brussels and we both fell in love with the taste. Ingrediets for this stunning coctail are: pineaple juice, coconut (Batida coco), white rum, strawberries and a little bit of cream.
Last week we went to the Metro. That's a shop for people who own a restaurant, hotel or pub. there we bought a blender to make coctails. We had to try it this week.
Hmm, what do we need??

Mmmm, strawberries


It smells wonderful

Enjoy the drink!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Here we go again

Yep, some new renovation pics.

Found a wall with old wall paper. Love the design, haha
The first floor

Eric walking on our 'terrasse'

The second floor.

Talking to the people who are working for us.

We still need a roof!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mini album

I made a little album for my sister. She went snowboarding last month. I made the album in a CD-box. Last weekend, I gave it to her and she was very pleased with it. She works as an architect so she's always very busy. It takes her ages to order prints from her pics and glue them in an album. That's why I got the idea to make a little present for her.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Our weekend in Hasselt was great. Just relaxing and no big plans.

The sun was shining a lot so we had to wear our sunglasses
What do you think about our hotel? It was modern and beautiful but the breakfast was nothing special. Well, we had yummie food but no big choice.

Our room wasn't ready the moment we arrived so we went shopping first. My sister told me about the shop 'Oil & Vinegear'. It's a wonderful shop with yummie food. It sells all kind of oils, pesto, and other herbs. We bought some tasty oils like oil with passion fruit, with Italian herbs and another one with raspberry.

I also bought a new hat at H&M. It was cheap (5,99 euro) and Eric said it looks great on me.

A pic in the elevator before we left to the restaurant in the evening.

We ate at the 'Orangerie'. My sis booked the restaurant and we loved it.

The next morning, we went to my sisters flat. There we had lunch: bread and cheese. We talked a lot and enjoyed seeing each other again after 2 months.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

A quick post before ...

we leave for the weekend. We'll visit my sister who lives in Hasselt. That's a 2 hours drive away from our place. Can't wait to see her again. It has been almost 2 months since I last saw her.

I've made 2 more pages for the challenge.
Layout # 8
Layout # 9: It's a pic of my grandmother with my dad. The title says: Motherlove.

We had another couple coming over for dinner last night. I guess you can tell that we had a wonderful time with lots of laughter and drinks, haha.

And some new renovation pics!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

A weekend in Brussels

Two weeks ago, Eric and I went to Brussels (our capital) for the weekend. We could book cheap train tickets so we decided to take the train instead of the car. So, no parking problems for us and the hotel was a 5 min. walk from the railway station.
Enjoy the load of pics beneath.

Enjoying the train ride
In front of a chocolate store

The Grand Market Place

The Royal Palace

The restaurant where we had dinner

After our dinner during the walk back to the hotel.

The bar in the hotel

The Saint-Michiels cathedral

Reflection of us in the glass window

We visited a museum with skeletons of dinosaurs

In the train station before we took the train back home

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Hoi iedereen,
Eventjes een postje in het Nederlands. Ik ben door zo'n 3-tal meiden getagd dus moet ik dringend even posten.

1. Je moet de regels posten voordat je je antwoorden geeft.
2. Je moet een ding over jezelf opnoemen met iedere letter van je middelste naam. (Als je geen middelste naam hebt, gebruik je je meisjesnaam).
3. Nadat je getagged bent, moet je je blog updaten met je middelste naam en je antwoorden.
4. Op het eind van je post, moet je net zoveel personen "taggen" als er letters zitten in je middelste naam. (Laat wel even een berichtje achter op hun blog dat je ze getagged hebt en dat ze de regels op je blog kunnen lezen....)

Mijn middelste naam is Machteld. Miljaar, dat zijn veel letters. Hier gaan we dan.
- M: Malediven. Ik zou zo graag eens op reis gaan naar deze eilandengroep maar ik moet eerst nog heel veel sparen om daar te geraken.
- A: Antwerpen. Dit was de eerste keer dat Eric en ik samen een citytripje in eigen land deden. We hebben er geshopt, lekker gegeten en het aquarium bezocht. Super weekendje.
- C: Cinema. Jammergenoeg gaan we niet zo vaak, maar het is telkens weer genieten om films op het grote scherm te zien. Deze avond gaan we zelfs naar National Treasure 2.
- H: Home and Away. Jaja, ik volg deze serie dagelijks. Sinds Eric thuis is lukt dit niet meer zo vaak maar ik kijk wanneer ik kan.
- T: Ik kijk graag tv. Ik ben helemaal veslaafd aan Grey's Anatomy, CSI, Bones, .... Verder kijk ik enorm graag naar films.
- E: Eric. De naam van m'n ventje. In juni zullen we al 4 jaar samen zijn.
- L: Lichi's. Ik herinner me dat ik tijdens de examens na Kerstmis heel vaak lichi's at. Ze doen met denken aan de uurtjes dat ik zat te studeren aan de keukentafel bij mijn tante.
- D: DVD's. Als we samen thuis zijn, huren we vaak een film. Meestal kiezen we elk eentje uit. De mijne bekijken we eerst omdat ik daarna meestal in slaap val, haha.

Als er nog zijn die niet getagd werden, post dit gerust ook op je blog!!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Renovate, renovate ...

The storm didn't cause any damage to our building. Lucky us!! Oh well, the storm wasn't as bad as they said it would be.
I took some new pics this weekend. You can see that the walls downstairs are finished now. I don't know what they will do today and later this week. I think they will start with the roof soon because next week, the electricians will come.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving lovely comments.