Saturday, May 30, 2009


On Monday I saw that one of those little brown spots on my body (don't know the name in English) was bigger and it was bleeding a bit. I was so worried that I phoned my doctor and I had to go and see him in the evening. He told me that it had to be removed and send to the lab for examination. Today, the doctor removed it. I was so nervous that I got dizzy during the little surgery. I had to lay down with my feet up till I was feeling better.
Right now, the anestetics are not working anymore and it's getting sore. Still feel a bit dizzy too ...
I hope the result will be good.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My week in pics and some scrapbooking

Another week in pictures. I know, I'm terribly behind since I started in January but here is last week.

May 10: Every 3 year we have a cat parade in our city

May 12: Looking through the order book for next school year. Need to order new manuals for the kids.

May 13: I made tomato soup with little meat balls in it

May 14: Took a relaxing, hot bath

May 16: Went to the scrapbook store to buy some new stuff

Finally found some time to scrap.

Made a page about my dad with his 'Opinel'. That's a brand of knives. He always has this pocket knife with him in his car. He uses it for all kind of stuff. Mostly when we have a picnic.

This is my sister and I. She lives a 2 hours drive from my home. Last month her boyfriend broke up with her after 6 years. I went to see her during the weekend. While I was there we went shopping to cheer her up. On that moment we decided to buy colourful clothes instead of black, brown or white.

Thursday, May 07, 2009


Almost a month ago we had a wedding to attend. My sister came over to our house to stay with us. On the first pic you can see my sis and I getting ready in the bathroom. The other pics are showing us, ready to go to the party.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Pictures + RAK

The youngest son of Eric is having his confirmation on May 17th. I made some pics of him to use as a gift to the people who come to celebrate with us.

And a RAK

Sarah is cleaning up her scraproom and she gives another RAK. So go over there quickly and have a look