Sunday, May 17, 2009

My week in pics and some scrapbooking

Another week in pictures. I know, I'm terribly behind since I started in January but here is last week.

May 10: Every 3 year we have a cat parade in our city

May 12: Looking through the order book for next school year. Need to order new manuals for the kids.

May 13: I made tomato soup with little meat balls in it

May 14: Took a relaxing, hot bath

May 16: Went to the scrapbook store to buy some new stuff

Finally found some time to scrap.

Made a page about my dad with his 'Opinel'. That's a brand of knives. He always has this pocket knife with him in his car. He uses it for all kind of stuff. Mostly when we have a picnic.

This is my sister and I. She lives a 2 hours drive from my home. Last month her boyfriend broke up with her after 6 years. I went to see her during the weekend. While I was there we went shopping to cheer her up. On that moment we decided to buy colourful clothes instead of black, brown or white.


Adrienne said...

Great pics! Love the LOs!

The Italian Voice said...

Awwww, I'm so sorry for your sister, it's always very hard to think again as single after many years and I guess it's hard also to be far from family in bad moments like evenings and nights alone, I hope she'll be happy very soon!!
Your LOs are always wonderful, so neat and colorful.
That tomato sauce with meat balls looks very yummy, how did you cook it?
I miss you so much, I hope to chat someday during your summer holidays!
TTYL, I need to cook lunch before leaving for a 2-days trip with Tommaso in my hometown :) Ciao!!!

Mika said...

Zo leuk om zo'n week overzicht te zien. Mika

Iris said...

leuk om weer wat fotos van je te zien. En weer wat layouts. Opinel vind ik erg leuk. Lekker fris! Die andere is ook leuk. Papier van October afternoon is super hè!

ook hier moesten de materialen voor het volgende schooljaar weer besteld worden. Altijd weer een klus hè om alles te tellen etc!

Fijn weekend,

mélie said...

Great I love your scap pages !
What is the cat parade, a special celebration ?? it sounds funny !


wowww loooove your LO Isolde !!!!
and the last one in it love it love it !!! makes you want to eat green apple hihihi !!!