Monday, July 28, 2008

Third clue

I need to take the plane to get there.
Tomorrow is our moving day!!! I still have lots to do. Right now, it's raining cats and dogs. We are having lighting and thunder too. The new house is cleaned and I'm moving the stuff from my old kitchen to my new one. There are some boxes in my car but I can't take them out as it's raining too much. I was soaking wet when I came in our new place. I really need to continue working (it's already 10.30 pm and the moving company is coming at 7.30 tomorrow morning.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Second clue

This time I give you a pic as a clue:

What is the destination of our vacation?? Let your imagination work :-)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hi there

It looks like the floor will be ok. Only 5 days left and we will move!!! I can't believe it. I can't wait to live in our new flat but on the other hand I will be sad to leave the place where I lived together with Eric. It's the first time I moved in with someone so I guess that will be special 4-ever.

I took some pics of our kitchen now that it's finished but I can't upload the pics on my pc. It's so strange. I connect the camera with the usb-cable to the pc but it doesn't show my camera. I hope to upload them soon.

Oh yes, we booked our vacation. We don't travel this summer as we move and need to save a little first. We leave during autumn holiday. A little game for you:
What is our vacation destination???
I'll give a clue every day till someone has it right.

1. There are palm trees.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Update on the house

Tuesday afternoon the carpenter came to install the kitchen. We choose a dark wooden colour and it looks great. They also came with the cooker, fridge and the hood. The pics show the kitchen unfinished but they finished it yesterday. Didn't have time to take a pic yet.

Yesterday we had a disaster in our new flat. The plumbers came to fix the bathroom and when they tried the bath, water came down in the café through the ceiling. A lot of panic!!! They found the leak and fixed it. Now we have to wait because we have a wooden floor and the water came through it in the bathroom, toilet and our bedroom. I really hope they can fix it without removing the floor. We need to move on July 29th. Cross your fingers for us, please.

My big cooker :-)

My dad (yellow) and the carpenter

Monday, July 14, 2008


Hi everyone,
We are moving at the end of the month so that's why I'm not blogging very often. We hope everything will be ready before we move in. Tomorrow they will deliver the kitchen and today they were finishing the bathroom and toilets. We have a wooden floor and that's ready too. The painting will be done in some months as we want to save some money first. I already started packing some stuff. It's strange to realise that these are the last weeks in the house that we live in now.

Boxes, boxes, everywhere

Empty cupboards

Next pics are in the new house (flat)

My scraproom (and later it will be a 'baby room')

Our living room

The kitchen and living room are one area

The room at the end is the bedroom for Erics boys.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Netherlands

Hi girls,
My dad, Hilde (his girlfriend) and I went to the Netherlands for a day. At noon we bought some bread and ate a yummie lunch. We love to stop the car at a green place and enjoy the food and good weather.
Me and my dad
Our yummie lunch.

Saturday, July 05, 2008


Sorry, this post is only in Dutch.
Ik heb deze award gekregen van Karin (bedankt, Karin). Dus is het nu mijn beurt om enkele leuke blogs te belonen met deze award. Breng zeker eens een bezoekje aan
- Een schitterende blog van Kelly. Het is heerlijk om haar kijk op de wereld te lezen.
- Super creatieve Mika zorgt voor echte 'art'
- Net als ik is Iris een leerkracht én een inspiratiebron voor het scrappen.
- Scrapster, zot van konijnen, wereldreiziger, .... Vicky is het allemaal.
- Toffe scrapster
- Een Belgje in Nederland én scrapster
- M'n voorbeeld op scrapgebied.

En nu de regeltjes:
1. De winnaar mag het logo plaatsen.
2. Plaats een link naar degene van wie je de Award hebt gekregen.
3. Stuur de Award naar tenminste 7 andere Bloggers, die door hun actualiteit, thema's en desings opvallen.
4. Zet de links van deze site's op je blog.
5. Laat een beichtje achter op de betreffende site's, dat ze gewonnen hebben

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Today ...

the summer holidays finally started. I have 2 months of free time so I hope the weather will be nice and sunny.
The kids in grade 6 organised a little party for their teacher Sophie and I. I gave some math lessons to them this schoolyear. I really love this group of kids and I feel sorry that they leave. They go to high school next year. I made some pics of them.

Playing a game

My collegue Sophie

I did some scrapping too but less than I hoped. The end of the school year is always very busy so I didn't have time to scrap.

My friend Tine and I under the umbrella

I made a LO about the fantastic dinner at the restaurant Marcus. We went there with antoher couple. I told about it in the previous entry.

Thanks for reading my blog and leave a comment if you want. I love to know what you think about it.