Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Netherlands

Hi girls,
My dad, Hilde (his girlfriend) and I went to the Netherlands for a day. At noon we bought some bread and ate a yummie lunch. We love to stop the car at a green place and enjoy the food and good weather.
Me and my dad
Our yummie lunch.


Adrienne said...

You just made me want some cheese! LOL

Veerle said...

ziet er lekker uit! :-) Ik moet nog even wachten op vakantie, nog anderhalve week. Dan ga ik misschien ook wel weer es picknicken :-)

Desi said...

It looks like a very peaceful place, I love green too.
Your dad looks easy-going and a very good man =) Maybe I can meet him and Eric too when I come.
My dear, today I'll have to go out with my mother at 7 pm, so maybe you can come online a bit earlier than usually, I'll be there at 5 pm, otherwise we can postpone our chat to tomorrow late afternoon. Please let me know when you can, a big kiss, ciao!

Leontine said...

Oh, that is delicious!!! I agree that is a nice thing to spend your day...Hugz, Leontine

Je@net said...

Ziet er super gezellig (en lekker uit ;-)

Iris said...

mmm, lekker hoor! Zo'n dagje (en zo'n lunch!)

Dawn Stan said...

My type of food.Sollie. We love to go for a drive and have a picnic like this.

charlotte said...

It looks very cosy!! I also love to go on a picnic.
Great pic. of you and your dad. Very scrapable! :-)
I hope you're enjoying your LONG vacation!! Lucky you!! I only have 2 weeks of vacation, and those two weeks will be spend in Italy!! yeah!!
Take care,