Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hi there

It looks like the floor will be ok. Only 5 days left and we will move!!! I can't believe it. I can't wait to live in our new flat but on the other hand I will be sad to leave the place where I lived together with Eric. It's the first time I moved in with someone so I guess that will be special 4-ever.

I took some pics of our kitchen now that it's finished but I can't upload the pics on my pc. It's so strange. I connect the camera with the usb-cable to the pc but it doesn't show my camera. I hope to upload them soon.

Oh yes, we booked our vacation. We don't travel this summer as we move and need to save a little first. We leave during autumn holiday. A little game for you:
What is our vacation destination???
I'll give a clue every day till someone has it right.

1. There are palm trees.


Leontine said...

Ik dacht al dat er misschien een update was, hahahaha. Is alles nog goed gekomen met de vloer?? En die palmbomen klinken goed....ehm Dominicaanse republiek? Groetjes, Leontine

Desi said...

I can imagine your feelings, but I'm sure you'll be very happy at the end of moving in your new flat with Eric and will remember positively the previous years in your old flat.
I guess I'll be in your city on August 4th or 5th, but I don't remember if you're busy on Tuesday or not; anyway, you can suggest another day and we'll try to plan everything better, as I guess we'll be in Belgium already on August 2nd, so please let me know if you prefer another day ;-)
Wow, I'm happy that you'll be able to travel a bit during autumn...palm trees...hmmm...there's a lot of places with them, maybe I'll better way for the next clue :-P
A big kiss and I think I'll be online on next Monday and Tuesday to chat and to plan our meeting, I hope you can too, ciao!!

Desi said...

Ok, so we'll be in Ieper on Wednesday afternoon, anyway I hope to chat with you before leaving to know exactly where to meet you and the hour :-)
TTYL, kisses!!

Iris said...

Egypte? Dominicaanse Republiek?

Gaaf! Lekker naar de zon in de herfst!