Monday, July 28, 2008

Third clue

I need to take the plane to get there.
Tomorrow is our moving day!!! I still have lots to do. Right now, it's raining cats and dogs. We are having lighting and thunder too. The new house is cleaned and I'm moving the stuff from my old kitchen to my new one. There are some boxes in my car but I can't take them out as it's raining too much. I was soaking wet when I came in our new place. I really need to continue working (it's already 10.30 pm and the moving company is coming at 7.30 tomorrow morning.


Iris said...

Ik blijf bij Marokko!

Succes met overhuizen morgen!

Enne als je tijd hebt, ga even naar mijn blog. Je hebt een award ;)

Desi said...

I hope all was ok for the day of the relocation, I thought about you today...even if I felt my heart in pieces for what happened yesterday...I wrote about it into my blog, I think I won't be able to see you soon, because I won't probably travel to Belgium :-( I feel so sorry and bad!
I look forward to see you first pics about the new flat...I don't know if I'll ever move in reality :-(
A big kiss, my dear, heaps of love!!!

Desi said...

I feel so badly, my dear :-(
Tommaso doesn't seem to believe me and doesn't know what to do with our relationship (oh my, guess what I feel after 4+ years and -1 month to the relocation?) and I guess his parents even don't know the truth, so it's normal that they think I wrote those things!!
I'm so sorry for our meeting, I'd like a lot to travel, but I think that at the end I'll stay at home because, if I need to reach Tommaso to talk face-to-face with his parents or something else important, I'll be there in some hours!

Krisje said...

Ik denk ook Marokko!

José said...

Ik denk... Mexico!

Marokko is (niet aan te raden, maar dat terzijde) wel met de auto bereikbaar! :D

Ik ga binnenkort ook verhuizen, ben benieuwd hoe dat gaat voelen (ga voor 't eerst 't huis uit!!!)