Saturday, February 07, 2009

New pics

February 5th: Finally!!!! The kit has arrived. Now I can start.

February 1st: Going out for lunch. We had lobster and I drank a mojito to start :-)

February 2nd: We had snow this morning. I took this pic on the playground of our school.

February 3rd: Every evening while watching Home and Away I eat some fruit. Right now, I'm addicted to red oranges

February 4th: Next month, we have to go to a birthday party and the theme is 'Disco'. We decided to go to a shop where you can rent costumes.

February 6th: My mum and Walther. We went out for dinner.

February 7th: my yummie breakfast this morning


Adrienne said...

Great pics!

Cathy said...

I love this idea. I wanted to do this, but Im not sure I can keep up.

vliene said...

Hoi hoi!
Leuke foto's! Die kit ziet er echt fantastisch uit, die wil ik ook! ;-)
eet jij ook zo graag strikjes? De beste zijn die van bakkerij 'Het Belfort' vind ik...

Charlotte said...

Yum!! I just love Mojitos. :-)
Sounds like tons of fun, that you are going to a disco party! Cool clothes with lotsa bling! :-)
I hope you have enjoyed the weekend.

Krisje said...

Lol, ik zie veel eten en drinken, gij zijt ook een levensgenieter he! Veel succes met het project!

Mika said...

Hi Isolde, nog gelukt et het stickerpapier?

sarah said...

great pics. i totally love this project!


Iris said...

ooh ik maar mijn best doen om 's avonds niet meer te snoepen... zie ik die foto van je heeeeeeerlijke ontbijtje!!! Aiaiai!

Ben erg benieuwd naar de inhoud van je Kit. Flinke doos!

Je@net said...

Mmmh, ziet er weer uit als een gezellig weekje!

brigitte from australia said...

Heyyy girl !!
just discovered your blog through MIka's and love it :)
it's aweesome !!'re watching Home and Away ???? is this the HOme and Away from Australia or ...another show from Belgium ??
Hugs to you from Australia xxx

Desi said...

Hi my lovely friend, I wrote you a message here a couple of days ago, but I guess you didn't receive it.
I'm in my new city with my bf for almost 2 months now, we still need to establish completely, but all is ok and we're very fine.
I wanted to let you know that now I can also be online sometimes (in reality only a few minutes a day, but it's better than nothing), so we can stay in touch via emails and messages into the blogs, yippie!!!! I miss you so much, my dear friend!
You can write me at and I'll try to reply as soon as possible, in some days.
I have a lot of things to tell you about my life here and I'm slowly discovering the area and taking some photos, it's very exciting!
I look forward to hear from you soon and to know how are you, a lot of kisses and hugs, ciao!!