Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I got 2 awards in the past week!! Am I a lucky girl, or what???

I got this one from Cathy, thanks a lot!!

So now here is what I got to do. I must list 5 addictions, and 5 people I'd like to honor with my "classy award" also. Ok, first with addictions...

1. I'm addicted to chips.
2. I'm addicted to scrapbooking (of course)
3. I'm addicted to baking cookies, cakes, ...
4. I'm addicted to my bed :-)
5. I'm addicted to the internet

Hmm, and now 5 persons who get this award:
1. Kelly
2. Daphné
3. Birgit
4. Mika
5. Revlie

I got this one from Arianne. Thanks a lot! I want to give this award t o all my blogreaders. It's always nice to read your comments so you all deserve it.


Mika said...

Bedankt voor de award!!!! Ben ook verslaafd aan mijn bed hahahaha. Happy wednesday!!! Mika

Cathy said...

Im glad you played along.

Mélie said...

Oh you're so lucky, never got anything like that !! you deserve it !

Rianne*Z said...

Toffe awards Isolde! De dingen waar je verslaafd aan ben herken ik wel hihi!!

Ik heb je getagged, zie mijn blog :)! Nog een fijn weekend!

Je@net said...

Gefeliciteerd met je awards!!
Fijne zondag!

Krisje said...

Hey isolde, ik heb nog een leuke tag voor je op mijn blog!