Tuesday, January 06, 2009

365 days

I decided to take part at the 365 days project by Becky Higgins. It took some troubles to order the kit but Lilith told me that she got the confirmation e-mail :-). All we have to do now is wait till it arrives.
Until I can start scrapping, I write down what I did everyday and I take a pic too. Below you can see my most recent ones.
Anybody else who's participating at the project 365 days?

Jan. 3: My boyfriends birthday

Jan 4: Baking croissants

Jan 5: Back to work and it was snowing when I woke up

Jan 6: At home on the sofa. I'm ill
I've done some scrapping too during Christmas holiday. Here are some of my pages:

We moved in July 2008. These pics were taken when the cats went outside for the first time. They were so scared :-)

The last day of 2008. I wrote about some stuff that happened to us in 2008

Some of the gifts I got for my 29th birthday
I'm feeling so weak today. My throat is still sore but my head is a bit better because of the pills the doctor gave me. All I want to do is sleep but I can't because then my mouth gets very dry and I wake up for some water. The pills give me a bad taste in my mouth too, yikes!!
Hope you are feeling better than I am. What a bad way to start the year 2009 :-)


Adrienne said...

Great pics!

Anonymous said...

Ik doe ook mee!!! Zo grappig dat blaadje met ziek op boven de zetel. :) Ik hoop dat je je vlug beter voelt.

Iris said...

ooh meis volgens mij is echt de halve wereld ziek! Jij ook al! Ik vind je foto wel erg geestig hoor met dat briefje boven de bank!
Enne volgens mij heb jij dezelfde pillen als mijn vriend. Die kreeg ook al zo'n vieze smaak...
Ik wens je heel veel beterschap en succes met je project. Nog nooit van gehoord (erg hè) maar het wordt vast heel gaaf!

Amélie said...

Great pix ! And your scras very beautiful !!

Je@net said...

Leuke foto's joh en je lootjes zijn super!

Krisje said...

Leuke Lo's!