Sunday, January 11, 2009

365 days - January 9 and 10

Januray 9
Since more than a week, it's freezing like hell. We didn't have such weather for the past 10 years. When I wanted to go to work this morning, I had problems with the doorhandle of my car. I could unlock my car without any problems but when I was inside the car, I couldn't close my door anymore. I tried several times but with no result. I started to panic as I had to be at work so I phoned my dad to know what I had to do. I couldn't leave my car alone because I couldn't close it anymore. My dad told me that he would come over to help me but luckily he didn't have to. After trying several times to close it (and touching all kind of stuff in the door) it finally worked. Pffff, I was so happy to drive to school without any further problems.

January 10
I took down the Christmas tree. Don't you think it's strange that decorating the tree takes more time than removing all the stuff :-)

Enjoy some 'freezing' pics of the last days

PS: If you want to know when I updated my blog, than you can add my blog to the list of blogs you 'follow'. I don't know how it is indicated in English on Blogspot (or any other blogsite) but I've added the blogs I read very often on my list and now I can see which blogs are updated. I can find it under the 'Dashboard' link on top. It's so much easier than browsing through all the blogs to see if they are updated. :-)


Krisje said...

Hey Isolde, in het pakje zat zo'n ouderwets metalen reclame plaatje van de originele fiat 500. :-)

Kusjes krisje

Je@net said...

Prachtige foto's Isolde!
Hier is de vorst verdwenen en daarmee ook alle sneeuw. In plaats daarvan regent het vandag al de hele dag....heb er nu al genoeg van!

Cathy said...

oh Yes I am ready for some sun.


Amélie said...

Beautiful freezed pix ;)

I will put some too on my blog