Thursday, January 08, 2009

2 new days

in my 365 days project.

I tried to bake banana cake but it seems like somthing went wrong. Look at the inside of the cake. I threw it away cause it doesn't like tasteful. (January 7)

Jan 8: I took 2 pics today and I don't know what to choose. The one above is a page in a scrapbook magazine. I tried my new camera while changing the diafragma.

This one is my boyfriend playing his Playstation 3. He's playing Brother in Arms.
So now I'm asking your help. Do I have to take the first pic of the pic with my bf as picture of day 8.


Kelly said...

I do not think that you have to use your first pic of the day for this. Choose whatever picture best represents that day for you (atleast that is how I am doing it!)

My Project 365 images can be found on my blog!

cstoler said...

I think you can use which ever picture draws you first. the one you feel you want to include. i have taken several pictures on the same day and just pick the one I want to use.

Georgia said...

I like the 2 answers above. I take several pictures and pick one that really represents something that day. Nothing against your boyfriend, but I like the food picture best.

Leontine said...

Oh, that cake doesn't seem too good inside! I tried to bake a "boterkoek" on Friday but that one fell into 100 pieces!! By the way...I've told that the pink bind it all has a bigger gap so your minibook or something can be thicker. Further it's a bit improved overall....and it's pink!!

Cathy said...

Dont feel bad, I cant cook banana bread, it never works out for me.

Cathy said...

BTW what Magazine is that? It looks awesome. My current sub is ending soon and Im searching for something different.

Amélie said...

Hello :)

My friend make me a bananna cake one day and it lokked like the sae than yours and was very yummie ;)

I love cooking too, this week end I made a chocolate cake, a mousse au chocolat and cookies ;)