Saturday, April 14, 2007

Feels like summer

Hi guys,
Sorry for not updating but I had nothing special to mention. We are having fantastic weather over here. Yesterday it was 24 °C!! These are temperatures for summer, not for spring. It's not normal for this time of year. The weather has gone crazy. Well, I don't mind as I love warm weather. I could wear tank tops and a skirt. Ooooooh, I love this weather.

Yesterday afternoon I cleaned my desk. During winter it's too cold to work and scrapbook at my desk because there is no heating in that room. As the weather is getting better, I cleaned my desk and moved all my scrapbooking stuff from the living room back to my desk. I took some pics to show you how much work I did. After cleaning I went outside and ironed the clothes while I was in the sun. It was so good to feel the warm sun on your skin.

Thursday evening we watched a movie (Zwartboek, a Dutch movie about the second World War). We love watching movies while we eat cheese with French bread. Mmmmm, it was so yummie!!!

Didn't scrapbook the past days but the weather is too good to sit inside. Maybe I'll scrap this evening, who knows.

ps: I'm still having problems to put pictures in the middle of the text. Strange thing, isn't it??


Veerle said...

Zoo dat ziet er idd weer erg netjes uit! Ik heb ook een bureau thuis bij m'n ouders op zolder, maar daar zit ik ook nooit in de winter.. veel te koud! En in de zomer vaak te warm....
Gisteravond heb ik heeeeeeeeeerlijk gescrapt! :-) Nu lekker buiten zitten en lezen!! Geniet van je weekend want 't is zo weer school ;-)

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

That bread looks SO good lol, enjoy your weekend!

Nat said...

oh yummie Bread! I'm getting hungry- LOL

Je@net said...

Looks great!!

Brigitta said...

isn't that what summer is about? French bread, yummie cheese and nice wine?? ;-)))

Tessa Tegendraads said...

hmmmm brrrrr, dát ziet er goed uit!!!

Nog even dit: Je zei over de art specially dit weekend in Nuland, zo ver weg van België... maar het is net waar je in België woont, want Nuland ligt redelijk dicht bij de Belgische Grens, dus zéker het uitzoeken waard.... (we hebben veel belgische bezoeksters!)


lam said...

those bread looks great.

I have sometime the same problems about photos in the middel of the text.....I just keep trying and sometime it works

Kandis Smith said...

Yum, bread and cheese.. my two favorites!! Great blog! I'm thinking about trying the running thing!!

Kate O'Brien said...

What a transformation on that desk! That bread and cheese looks yummy!

Wanted to let you know where my new blog can be found:

Stop by and say hi!

Dawn Stan said...

Hi, the bread and cheese looks so yum. We have just come back from holiday and went to a cheese making factory and bought some really yummy cheeses.

I am also with blogger. The trick is to upload your photos first and then then scroll down and type between each picture. Just delete the extra spaces after you have typed so that it is all evenly spaced. It's a bit of a pain but at least blogger is free.

Your scrapspace looks lovely and neat. I am looking forward to printing some holiday photos. Just doing some collages of photos I took, to update my blog.