Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Start to run

As I've told you before, I started running about 3,5 weeks ago. My friend Kelly wrote about it in her blog and it really caught my attention. I was looking for something that would improve my condition but I can't afford expensive fitness classes right now. Kelly told me about the programm 'Start to run'. They say that I will be able to run 5 km after 10 weeks of practice. The first lessons weren't to difficult but now I'm at lesson 11 and it's getting harder. I have to run for 5 min and then walk for 2 or 3 minutes. The reason why I am still running (and not give up after 1 lesson) is that the lessons are on my iPod. The girl (Evy Gruyaert) tells you when to run and when to walk. While you are running or walking there is nice music. Well, it's a pitty that the music is the same for some lessons. You should have a look at your iTunes (podcasts). Maybe you can start running too.

The past days were nothing special. Just relaxing, surfing the net, watching tv, cleaning the house and car, ... I haven't been scrapbooking since Sunday but I want to scrap this evening.


Miranda said...

Sounds like a great help! I don't like running at all... so I won't start. But... good luck to you!!

Veerle said...

Hej Isolde. Mijn vriend gaat beginnen met 'start to run', maar ik hou niet zo van hardlopen, dus het is niets voor mij denk ik.
Knap dat je het volhoudt!
Ik ga vanavond misschien ook scrappen. Net thuis en eerst even eten enzo..

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Good luck with your running!!!!

Vanessa said...

het idee mee te doen aan start to run, verdween even snel uit mijn hoofd als het erin gekomen was!

en have a happy scrappy time this evening!

Vanessa said...

en dat vergat ik nog te zeggen, er staat een sneak peek op Brigit koopsens blog van wat ze gaat maken in de workshop in kortrijk!

Aline said...

I should run, but I'm too lazy. :(

Good luck!

Krisje said...

Geef mij maar trappen op mijn step :-) Of salsa dansen, volgende woensdag begint de nieuwe reeks en dan zou het best wel eens kunnen dat ik twee keer in de week ga dansen! Knap dat je zo gemotiveerd bent Isolde! go for it!

Kate O'Brien said...

I haven't been scrapping either. Hoping to get a little done this weekend.

I too, began running a few weeks ago. I am slowly beginning to notice my stamina getting better and I am having more energy. Besides running tones your legs and bum so well! The best exercise there is and you are right, does not cost a thing!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!