Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rain, Rain, Rain

Woke up this morning with the sound of rain and when I got to bed last evening it was raining too. Yeah, back to rainy days!! I've been told that we will have storm tomorrow. I hope it waits till the evening as I need to work tomorrow. No teaching for me today. I never have to teach on Wednesday as I don't have a full time job. Yes, I earn less money but I love this school and I didn't want to leave it so I choose to work less hours. The positive thing is that I see my sweetie more. Normally he works when I get back from my work and he's at home when I teach so we don't see each other often. We see each other in bed but I'm sleeping when he gets home.

So with this rainy weather, today will be a crafty day again. Still got lots of pics to scrap from our holiday in Thailand and my knitting work is waiting too. There are still some 'jobs' waiting to be done like:
* working out
* cleaning the stairs in our house
* writing a letter to my friend Claudy
* cooking lunch
* going to the shop to buy a portofolio for my Weight Watchers Recipes.
The 'jobs' in green have been done so far.

Hope the weather is better at your side of the world. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments. Love you all!


Francine said...

We're having a nice sunny day in Lyon! Maybe I'll go out and take some photos! But what I really feel like doing is scrapping all day :) Thanks for dropping by Callaloo Soup and leaving such nice comments :)

Veerle said...

Vreselijk he die regen!!! Daar word ik zo depressief van haha..

Ik heb vanaf maandag 6 uur bijgekregen op school en morgenmiddag een vervanging.. dus wat minder tijd over voor scrappen helaas!

Leuk dat jij ook naar de scrapbookdag bij Vicky wilt komen. Ben ik ook van plan (als het me past)..

Jocelyn said...

Holiday in Thailand?! Must have been awesome! Share pix!


Dawn Stan said...

Hi Sollie, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. I have enjoyed reading your blog. Great to see you are a scrapper too. Have enjoyed seeing all your layouts. Lovely photos.