Friday, July 20, 2007

that's life

Hi everyone,
How's life over there? Weather has changed from beautiful sunny weather into grey, rainy weather. We had a thunderstorm this morning with lots of rain. Lucky, we didn't get any damage. Some people have problems because water came into their house.
Yesterday we went to Sluis. That's a city in the Netherlands, just across the border. The weather was great so we enjoyed walking around the city. We had lunch there too. I ate a French salad with warm camebert cheese. Yummie!!!!!

Today I had to have my car checked again. Once a year we need to go to the official place to get our car checked. If something is wrong, we get a red card and if it's OK we get a green one. I went last week and got a red card because there was something wrong with my breakes at the right back side. Got that fixed and went again this morning. Guess what????? I got another red card as there was something wrong with my left front breaks. Can you believe that? So I need to go again (and pay again). I'm so angry!!!!!

Hope your day is better than mine.

ps: Baileys is still missing. Nobody saw her.....


Je@net said...

Gave foto's en wat balen van je auto!!

charlotte said...

Now I wonder: Why on earth didn't they tell you something was wrong with the left front break the first time you were there!! Grrrr - I understand you're angry!

Here in Denmark we have our cars officially checked every 2nd year!

I'm so sorry to hear that Bailey still is missing! And I'm sending you a big warm hug!!!

I hope your day tomorrow will get BETTER!

Veerle said...

Balen van je auto!! Ik ben in 5 weken tijd al 4x bij de garage geweest (100den euros uitgegeven) en het lichtje is alweer gaan branden op mijn dashboard een paar dagen geleden.. Ik begrijp dus hoe je je voelt.. het is zoooooooooooooo blegh!!

Wat erg van Baileys... sterkte!!

(Ik ben net in de ardennen geweest 3 dagen en daar was het goed weer... erg he dat het hier nog geen zomer wil worden...)

Rianne*Z said...

He man dat is echt balen!! Wel mooie foto's!

Ik weet niet of het klopt, maar als je op mijn profiel van mijn weblog kijkt staat er ook: e-mail. Dat e-mail adres is ook mijn msn-adres! Lijkt me leuk om met je te praten! :)

Spreek je nog wel dan! :)

charlotte said...

Psst!! - here I am again!
Just a little note to ask you to go to my blog - there's a tiny surprice for you in the post from Saturday 21st July! :)

Dawn Stan said...

Over here in Australia, living in the state of Victoria we don't have to get road worthy certificates on our car each year. Some states such as New South Wales do. They should have picked up the problem with you brakes so that you didn't have to go back again. What a pain and what a waste of money. They should be liable as they did the check in the first place.

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