Thursday, July 05, 2007

Here I am again. Eric's back is still hurting a lot so, I'm helping him at the pub. It's so busy that I don't have time for anything else. I still have letters to write to my pals (sorry girls). My pics are waiting to be scrapped, I can't finish my book that I'm reading, the house really needs to be cleaned ....

Yesterday I went to The Netherlands with a friend. There are some big scrapbooking stores over there that we wanted to visit. We had a wonderful time and I bought tons of paper and alphabet stickers. I hope to find some time to scrap this week as all this fantastic paper is waiting for me.
For those who know some shops in The Netherlands: We visited 'De Creatie' in Veghel and 'De Scrapbookwinkel' in Heesh. Both shops are amazing. I've never seen soooooo many paper. It felt like heaven. Unfortunatly, my wallet wasn't in heaven, hahaha

Going mad in 'De scrapbookwinkel'
Yep, need to pay too

Enjoying some soup at 'De Creatie'

Our healty dinner at Mc Donalds, haha
About our vacation spot!!! It has been guessed already. Rianne, you are right, we are flying to Turkey in August.


Birgit said...

Hey Isolde, glad you liked "our" scrapbookstores! Hope you find some time soon to enjoy all the yummy goodies you bought! :)

Adrienne said...

Looks like you had fun!

Veerle said...

Wauw... dat is het paradijs, die scrapbookwinkels. Nu ik daar woon, ga ik er zeker ook eens heen deze zomer. Ik ben al dolgelukkig als ik bij Pipoos in Amersfoort binnenstap, maar dit is nog veel leuker! ;-)
Super dat je naar Turkije gaat!

Je@net said...

Zo te zien heb je een heeeel leuke dag gehad!! Nu nog ff een foto van alles wat je hebt gekocht ;-)

lam said...

Sounds and looks like you had a gret time at the scrapbook store. Hope your boyfriend soon gets better, so you have time to scrap with all your new stuff

Scrapbook With Vanilla said...

Enjoy Turkey!!

Now about McDonalds... you know there are some all over the world... well, I have never seen a square bun before!!! Enjoy ;)

charlotte said...

It seems like you had a WONDERFUL time going scrap-shopping in the Netherlands! :) I hope you'll be able to use your new toy soon!

Poor Eric! I wish him well - back problems are absolutely no good!

Have a very nice vacation in Turkey! :)

Charlotte in Denmark

Krisje said...

Woehoe, de Creatie en de Scrapbookwinkel :) De creatie doe ik binnen twee weken, en de Scrapbookwinkel volgende maand... Eigenlijk heb ik helemaal niets nodig hoor, ik heb zelfs niet veel foto's meer liggen waar ik papier voor nodig heb. Maar je kent dat he :D

Rianne*Z said...

Oeh dat ziet er uit als een superdagje! En jeej ik heb het geraden ;)
Leuk dat je naar Turkije gaat joh!!!

Wati Basri said...

thanks for dropg by at my shoppg...u look like u had so much fun!! :)