Friday, March 09, 2007

This evening we are having the finals of 'Dancing with Stars'. I've been watching it since the start so I'm very curious who will win. The 2 persons who are dancing the final are

- Cathrine Van Moerkerke: She's reading the news on a tv channel. People talk a lot about her because she's pregnant and still taking part at the contest. She dances fantastic. You wouldn't think that she's pregnant untill you see her belly.

- Pieter: he's a basketball player. It's so funny to see him dance as he's so tall and his dancing partner is so little. I love to see them dance and I hope they can win. Unfortunatly, I think the other couple will be favourite.
So, who will win???????

I've been scrapping too lately so here are some more pics of my pages. Hope you like them.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Dawn Stan said...

Great layouts.Do you print your own photos's.

We love Dancing With the Stars here in Australia.

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

I love dancing with the stars! Great Lo's! I haven't scrapped a THING! LOL

Creanijn said...

Hoi Isolde,

Leuke layout met de scooters, vind hem goed qua opbouw!