Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sunny Saturday

And the winners of Dancing with Stars are????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Yeah, I'm so happy. My favourite dancing couple won!!! The pregnant lady did
very well too but I loved Pieter more. By the way, isn't he looking cute??
I was watching the show together with my mum and when we heard that Pieter won, we
were shouting out loud. Lucky, the neigbours couldn't hear it, haha.

Today is a real spring day. The sun is out and the temp. is about 13°C. I can even wear my other jacket. Not that winter coat. I hope it stays like this for a while.

Nothing else planned for this weekend. Just a relaxing time and do some scrapbooking. Oh yes, I went to the local craft store as there are 'open days'. There was a lady demonstrating the Cricut. If you are a scrapper, I suppose that you know what I'm talking about. That machine cuts letters, titles, tags, ornaments, .... I really would like to have one but it's a bit too expensive for the moment. It costs 299 euro. I think I'll buy them when it's my birthday. I can ask money to everyone instead of presents. That would be a good deal.


Veerle said...

Hi Isolde! Leuk hé dat hij gewonnen heeft. Ik vind het echter niet zo'n knappe man, maar vond hem wel goed dansen.
Ik heb gisteravond nog wat gescrapt, verlangde ik wel weer naar, na een drukke week! Vandaag een wandeling gemaakt (wat een lekker weer inderdaad!!) en vanavond bowlen, dus scrappen zal vandaag niet meer lukken... Fijn weekend!!

Dawn Stan said...

Hi, We love watching dancing with the stars over here in Australia too. Have a lovely weekend. We have a long weekend due to a Labour day holiday.