Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Naughty kitty

Yesterday evening, my cat Baileys did something bad.
She's my little sweetheart but not right now. Guess what she did??? Well, she often drinks out of the glass bowl where my fish swims. Suddenly I hear the sound of glass on the ground. Yep, she managed to break the glass bowl. There was water everywhere and I couldn't find the fish. Suddenly I saw him/her under the kitchen table. Well, the fish is still alive but I don't have a bowl to put the fish in so now she's swimming in a plastic thing. While I was cleaning the floor I cut myself in the thumb with the glass. Grrrr. What a bad evening!!! Baileys is so scared now that she hides herself under the sofa. Well, that is what she deserves. Naughty kitty!!!

This wednesday is another fantastic spring day! I took a pic of the blue sky this morning but I didn't find the time to upload it yet. I'll try to post it tomorrow.
I've been cleaning the living room cause my cats leave hair everywhere. I've done some ironing and laundry too. The laundry is outside now. It can dry in the sun.
My friend Daphné is coming over this evening to scrap together. It will be lots of fun as always. We talk a lot and get some scrapping done too. Well, not as much as when I'm alone but it's nice to have some company. Oh yes, she has a blog too. You should visit it at

Have a wonderful Wednesday, girls!!


Marguerita said...

Oh what a naughty cat! Best wishes for your fish.

Veerle said...

Lekker, zo'n dagje vrij op woensdag!! Heb even de website van je vriendin bekeken.. ze komt me erg bekend voor...maar weet zo even niet waarvan.
Veel plezier met scrappen vnv!

Angelique said...

HI! A visit from me to you ! Fun to read your blog !!!