Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Life as usual

What a day!! Well, not that it was that special but the weather is so bad. It has been raining since this morning and the wind is rather hard too. Just got home from work and I'm so happy to be in a warm house. I guess I'll take a bath and read a book while I'm in the bath. It's so relaxing to be in hot water, don't you think???

I have been doing the laundry yesterday evening. I have been washing some bed sheets and they were dry so I had to iron them. When I wanted to take the last one, I saw that Baileys was on it. Enjoying the smell and the warmth of freshly washed items. Later that evening she was under a blanket in the sofa too, haha. She loves to have it warm.

Nothing else to mention. Rather boring life right now.

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