Monday, March 05, 2007

Manic Monday

My god, this Monday turned out very diffrent from what I thought it would be. I was sleeping very peacefully when I heard a ringing sound. First I thought it was the alarm clock but then I realised that it was my mobile phone. I saw on the clock that it was 7.50 am so I wondered about who would call me that early. It was the principal of my school. He asked me if I could come to school today as they needed someone to take care of the todlers (they are 2,5 - 3 years old). Normally I teach primary school and not kindergarden. The teacher of the todlers couldn't make it to school today so he needed someone badly. I told him that it was ok for me as I only had to work in the afternoon normally. So we changed my hours to tomorrow. I'll work Tuesday afternoon instead of Monday afternoon. It was hard to teach those todlers the whole day. Didn't know what to do all the time so I let them play, told stories, made puzzels, made jewellery with beads, .... Yeah, busy day but I had a blast. They are so cute when they are little. Today was fun with them but I'm sooooo tired right now. Don't think that I'll scrap this evening. Maybe just a little knitting.
I made some muffins this weekend. As you know, my sister came over this weekend and she really love all kinds of desserts. Banana is her favourite fruit and she's addicted to chocolate so I made her banana/chocolate muffins. I was very happy with the result. She ate 3 of them and my dad had 4. So I guess you can say that they were yummie!!!

It was fun to have my sister around. She arrived at 6.45 pm on Saturday. My dad was here around 7.30 pm. We've spend the evening talking and drinking. I only had water and diet coke as I'm still on a diet. Well, I ate cheese, salami and chips too (not much of a diet for these things, haha). After my dad left at 00.30 am, my sister, her boyfriend and me went to Erics pub. We stayed there till 2 am and then went to bed as we all were pretty tired. The next day we had breakfast together and then we went to the art school where my sister and I were as kids. There was an open day and we wanted to see it again. Some childhood memories I guess. Here are some pics (on top as I haven't figured out yet how to put pics in my entry)!!

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Shelley said...

The muffins look yummy! And, it doesn't take much for toddlers to tire me out either!