Friday, August 19, 2011


That's all that we can say about horrible thing that happened at Pukkelpop .  Pukkelpop is a big music festival here in Belgium.

Last night, there was a very bad storm for only 10 - 15 minutes.  It started to rain hard, lots of lightning and thunder, very windy, hail, ....  Then the worst thing happened. One of the tents fell down because of the storm and another tent was destroyed by a tree.  Lots of people where inside those tents to shelter for the bad weather.  Can you imagine what happened.  People fell down, were under the tree, lots of panic.  The sad thing is: so far 5 people are dead and there are about 140 people injured.  Still 5 people are struggling for their life.

I knew my sister was at the festival too so I was worried like hell.  I send her a text message but she didn't answer right away.  After about half an hour, she texted me that she was allright.  She was so lucky because she was in the tent where the tree fell.  She couldn't escape right away and there was a lot of panic.  Finally she found a way out and lost her friends + boyfriend during the 'escape'.  After about an hour, they finally found each other.

This is a picture of the tent and the red circle shows where she got out of the tent.

Here are some other pics:


Viv said...

Gelukkig is je zus uit de tent gekomen, wat moet het daar verschrikkelijk zijn geweest.
En dat allemaal in 10 minuten tijd.....

Veel sterkte, liefs vivian

Charlotte said...

I saw this on TV and it's so sad. The weather really is changing these years. It's frightening.
I'm glad your sister and her friends are safe. And I'm sorry to hear about the ones who lost their lives and the injured.
Take care,
Charlotte in Denmark

Leontine said...

Wat verschrikkelijk! We zagen het op het nieuws hier. Gelukkig is je zus ongedeerd.


HansDeZwans said...

Mijn zoon was ook daar. Na 2 uur kregen we eindelijk iets van hem te horen.

Esti said...

I'm so glad your sister is okay! Will keep the others in my prayers ;)

Amelie said...

so sad event :(