Friday, August 07, 2009

I won't be able to update my blog this coming week!! We are going on a vacation, yippeeeeee. When I'm back I'll post some new layouts and of course some pics.

See you soon!


sarah said...

how lucky!! i wish i was on vacation!


Iris said...

Ooh heerlijk meid! Ben benieuwd naar jullie bestemming!
MOcht je dit nog lezen, HELE FIJNE VAKANTIE!!!

Mika said...

Ohhh ik zag je mail net pas (over de foto's van mijn journal) en nu ben je al weg. Hoop dat je wel nog wat aan mijn ideeen hebt gehad. Mika

Charlotte said...

Enjoy your vacation!!
I hope you will have a WONDERFUL time. :-)

Mélie said...

Have a nice trip :)

Je@net said...


The Italian Voice said...

I saw that you approved the comments, so I guess you're already home, welcome back and I can't wait to see your shots and your latest layouts.
Your mini album (in your past entry) is wonderful, I'm considering to copy the idea :)
I look forward to hear from you soon and I'd like to tell you a quite nice news item about my private life (please cross your fingers for me before knowing about it, I hope everything will be ok), a very big kiss to my lovely friend, ciao!!!!

charlot said...

Geniet van je vakantie, en ik ben alvast benieuwd naar je nieuwe layouts en FOTO's van op reis
Gr Charlot

The Italian Voice said...

I just sent you an email, I hope you can reply soon, I can't wait :P
Big kisses, ciao my lovely friend!