Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I love those tests

What Your Ideal Wedding Dress Says About You

Your Personal Style:

Classic and elegant. You prefer to make a statement with a few quality pieces.

Your Ideal Wedding:

Traditional and formal, but not tacky. You think the most beautiful weddings are understated.

Your Philosophy on Marriage:

It's a serious commitment, and the couple entering it should be ready to work for their relationship.

Your Perfect Marriage:

Is calm, stable, deep, and meaningful.

What do you think about my new background. I found it on a wonderful website that Rianne mentionned on her blog. You can find her blog in my list of Dutch scrappers.


Rianne*Z said...

Ooeh deze is óók gaaf Isolde!! Leuk die trouwjurken test :D!

Desi said...

I like these tests too.
I loved so much your new background that I decided to use one of them too, I wanted another one more "girlish", but my text wasn't very visible and I put a simpler one.
Yesterday I met Tommaso and had a quite nice afternoon, I guess he'd like to give me a chance, but has the fear to appear against his parents, I hope he'll have the strenght to try because I absolutely don't want to make him choose between me and them, I simply want to love him and be with him!!!
A big kiss, my dear, ciao!