Thursday, August 14, 2008

My new working space

Hello girls,
Here I am again with my pics.
You can see my desk with pc. That's where I work for school (for those who don't know: I'm a teacher in primary school). School starts on September 1st. I'm already working on some things so that's why it looks so messy.

This is my scraproom (or a babyroom later).

Storage item for alphabets, stamps, stickers, ... On the shelves are some scrapbooking books and magazines. Oh yes, and my albums too.

My paint, paintdabbers, rubons, flowers ....

My stash of patterned paper. My cardstock is in the black storage item that you can see on the second pic.


Adrienne said...

It looks great!

ARIANNE said...

Ziet er goed uit!

Ik ga maandag al weer beginnen.
Mijn klas is al op orde, dus ik kan zo binnen stappen.

Desi said...

I totally love your new working and scrap room, I absolutely need to buy some storage items too ;-)
Maybe I'll open a locked blog to write about my situation, then I'll give you the key to access it, I'll let you know.
Have a nice August 15th, a big kiss my dear, thanks a lot for your wonderful friendship!!!

Veerle said...

Hé wat een leuke ruimte!! Ik heb mijn scrapkamer ook in de toekomstige babykamer :-) Maar dat duurt nog wel even. Ik maak binnenkort ook eens wat foto's.

Desi said...

I just sent you the invitation to your email address, just accept even if you don't want to write in my blog, because I restricted the access to my blog authors ;-)

Desi said...

Thanks for your words, my dear friend, I just wrote the 2nd part :-P just prepare yourself for a shocking story hahaha!!
I can't wait to have your opinion.
Have a nice evening, a very big kiss!

Je@net said...

Ziet er goed uit!! Zowel je blog als je scrapkamer!

Desi said...

Hi my friend, I just added another update, I can't wait to know your opinions.
You know what? I miss a lot to scrap with you via chat, do you remember it? Maybe you'd do it once or twice before the school start again.
Have a nice Sunday, a big kiss!

Desi said...

I just replied to your comment, thanks a lot, you understood everything!!!!!!
TTYL, have a nice beginning of week, my dear friend!

Mika said...

Cool room, I love your background so into the andy Warhol style right now. Hope to see you soon girl made some stuff with old vintage tapes and think you like it. Mika

Anonymous said...

Great space. Lots of great storage.