Thursday, May 01, 2008

Still renovating

Yep, we are still renovating. The pub opened at March 20 but we still have the flat upstairs that has to be ready before August.
Our bathroom, kitchen and bedroom
Stairs to the second floor

Bedroom 2


Je@net said...

Jullie zijn er maar druk mee zeg! Veel succes met deze klus!

Desi said...

Waw, I can't wait too until your flat is ready ;-)
How are you, my dear, especially about the matter which we talked about on Msn? I hope you're better.
Have a nice afternoon, a big kiss!!!

dawn i said...

Sollie!!!!!! These pics are amazing - glad you're on schedule :) Good to be here again - I feel bad for not visiting regularly, life sometimes has this habit of getting in the way - but I donlt forget you hun... have a fantastic weekend :)

Max said...

Oei dat is nog een hele klus!

charlotte said...

This is so exciting. I look forward to follow this project too! Best of luck with it!!
I hope you are enjoying the weekend!
((Hugs)) to you.

Ms Dragonfly said...

the stairs remind me of a flapper prising about :)

Marguerita said...

Herkenbare foto's Isolde, bij ons zijn nu net de muren dicht. Succes met de verbouwing!