Sunday, May 25, 2008

A nice weekend

I'm having a nice weekend right now. It all started on Friday evening. I went to a fantastic scrapbook workshop given by Birgit Koopsen. We created a wonderful page using a sketch. I learned some new techniques that I will use a lot. It was great to spend an evening with other scrappers so you can imagine that we chatted a lot. Birgit is a wonderful person and we had lots of fun searching a tittle for a layout. I took a pic of my page but I still have to upload it. So I can only show you the picture I used on the page.

Yesterday my sister and my dad came to our place to check out the renovations of our flat. As most of you already know, my sis lives in Hasselt (200 km away from Ieper) so she hasn't seen it yet. She was here for the opening of the pub but the renovations of the flat only started after the opening. My sis is an architect so she's very interested in how it will look like. According to her the place will be beautiful with lots of light. Only 7 weeks to go and then we want to move. I guess it will be a stressful time.

Today is relaxation day. Eric is at home so we will enjoy each others company. I'm typing this entry while I'm still in bed. It's already 12:30. Yeah, I know!!! I ate breakfast in bed and now I'm checking e-mails and browsing the net. I guess it's time to take a shower, do some schoolwork and I need to iron some clothes too. Yikes! I don't mind ironing but today I want to relax. I guess we will go for a walk too, later this afternoon (if the weather is good).

Enjoy your Sunday!


Veerle said...

Leuk zo'n relaxte zondag!! Verhuizen is inderdaad een stressy periode! Maar het duurt nog wel even he!! Wij zijn druk met allerlei dingen kopen voor het nieuwe huis en ook klussen, want we doen een heleboel zelf... Vloeren leggen, badkamer en keuken installeren, ... pfff!! Waarschijnlijk is de verhuizing ook over een week of 7! :-D
Leuke foto trouwens.

dljack75 said...

I love your layouts and your blog! Just wanted to say Hi!

-Danica : )
dljack75 at SIStv

Adrienne said...

Hope you have a good relaxing day!!!

Je@net said...

Hoop dat je een heerlijk weekend hebt gehad!! Lekker even een paar dagen luieren!

Mika said...

Love the picture. X Mika