Sunday, December 02, 2007

Journaling your Christmas - Day 1 and 2

Day 2: Weather
We were supposed to write about the weather in December. How is it like in your country? How should the weather be on Christmas? What do you do when it's cold? And so on. Many things to write about. I choose to write about how much I want to have a white Christmas. I want to walk around wearing warm scarfs and hat. Then I want to curl up in the sofa wearing my pj's and drinking some hot chocolate. Unfortunatly the weather in Belgium isn't like that at all. We mostly have rain on Christmas instead of beautiful white snow.

Day 1:
We had to tell about the reason why we start this journal. What are the motivations?
I have always loved christmas. This part of the year makes me wanna be at home the whole time. I love decorating the tree and the house. In the evening, I lighten up the tree and make it myself comfortable. I can imagine myself as a grandmother, showing her grandchildren this little Christmas Journal.

Thanks for reading about my journal. Love to read you comments so don't hesitate to leave a comment.
Love, Isolde


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Love the snowflake page!! :)

Adrienne said...

Love, love LOVE those snowflakes!

Je@net said...

O, wat ziet dat er gaaf uit Isolde!! Wordt een pracht van een Christmas Journal!!

Jozzie said...

Hi Sollie!

Don't forget about my 12 Days of Christmas RAK give-away going on right now!

Hope to see you there!


{PS} I love your journaling scraps! Great job!!

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Leuke blog hier! Ik zou je iets willen vragen! Kan je me een mailtje sturen? Dan stuur ik je mijn vraagje per mail door.

Groetjes, elise