Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Some layouts

Since I have to rest a lot because of my surgery, I'm working a bit on my laptop. I found some layouts that I haven't posted yet (at least I think I didn't post them yet ;-))
My scrapbuddy Kelly

Some shots of my dad and his wife when they came over to our place. Vedett is the brand of a beer.

Last summer, my dad went in the air with a hot air balloon.


Dawn Stan said...

Lovely layouts. I love your scrap buddies layout and how you have cut out the patterned paper.

hannie said...

To answer your question, i'm using the basic element 1 with season. which u can get once u've it on and press the double forward arrow, then it will come to "season".
my design card came with the Slice when I bought it about a month ago.

sarah said...

o0o0o BEAUTIFUL work isolde! :)

i think that the hot air balloon pis wud go perfectly with the kiki art hot air balloon line!! have you seen it?!


alexandra s.m. said...

Hello , I'm a friend of Birgit's and I find your pages to be full of life and beautifully designed!

Mika said...

Hoi Isolde. Hoop dat je snel opknapt. Zo zie je maar weer ook als je niet aan het scrappen bent vindt je altijd wel iets op je laptop wat de moeite waard is.
Rustig aan. Mika

Viv said...

Wat een gave LO`s heb je gemaakt, en nog heel veel beterschap toegewenst!

Tamara said...

Hey! How are you doing? How are you recovering from your surgery? You still have to stay in bed for a whole week, right? I hope you're doing much better now.
By the way, I just wanted to let you know that I've finally started my own blog (today!) You may have a look:
Take care and have a nice Sunday!

Birgit said...

Hoi Isolde, Ik hoop dat de ingreep niet iets ernstigs was en dat je je snel weer beter voelt!! Ik dacht dat Kelly helemaal niet meer aan het scrappen was, leuk dat jullie dat nog steeds samen doen!
Ik kijk er naar uit om je a.s. zaterdag bij Hobbyfarm weer te ontmoeten! Tot dan!

Isolde said...

Voel je je al wat beter?
Nou ja, probeer lekker uit te rusten en aan te sterken. En in de tussentijd is er vast wel iets wat je kan doe/maken.