Sunday, June 07, 2009


Daphné and I went to our first Zumba class together. Waw, this is really fun. The music really invites you to move and dance. It's like you are on a vacation in the Caribean. It was so much fun to move again after being lazy for almost 1 year. After the class I was wondering why I didn't start this earlier. Yeah, I'm addicted to ZUMBA!!! And this after only 1 lesson :-)


Je@net said...

Wow, ziet er inderdaad gaaf uit! Veel plezier met de rest van de danslessen!


Sounds really cool and looks like you had soo much fun :)

hugs from Australia xxx

The Italian Voice said...

I'd like to try it too, it sounds really funny.
Thanks for the suggestion about Twilight, I'm already looking for it ;) I'm too curious now!
When are you at home in the next weeks? I ask you because, when I'm home too, you'd chat a bit as in the past, would you like it? I really hope so.
Have a nice Sunday evening and I look forward to hear from you soon (what about the result of the examination? Mine was ok, yay, now still another one to go, on June 24th), ciao my lovely friend!!

mélie said...

Yeah ! great ! now pix of you dancing ;)
I mailed out your letter today !

Iris said...

ooh zumba, dat is hier ook een hype. Schijnt idd erg leuk te zijn!
Misschien ook maar eens proberen.
Heb je trouwens de uitslag al van het weghalen van je moedervlek?