Saturday, March 14, 2009

Finally another update

Life has been hectic over here. My mother is in hospital since a week. She had to go through a surgery. I go there every evening so I don't have much time left for anything else.
Three weeks ago, we went to Gent for 2 nights. Gent is a wonderful, medieval city. I went there to study to become a teacher. I stayed there for 4 years. It was like a trip back in time for me :-)
Warning: long photo post!!!
This one and the next one are my favourite ones.

Medieval building

Can you believe this??? This is a pub called 'the littel bike'. It has all kinds of bikes and other stuff on the ceiling. It is so packed with stuff that there are only 2 tables. I guess there is only place for 8 people.

The owner of the shop

Lovely dinner

We went for a late drink and saw a couple that we know. It was his birthday so we ended up drinking champagne

This street is called 'grafiti street'. Hmmm, why did it get that name??

The old post office, now a shopping mall.

There are so many nice bars in Gent. This is one of them. Can you see Eric and me??

In the elevator (I <3 align="center"> The town hall by night

Having dinner with a friend who lives in Gent


Veerle said...

Gent is uiteraard een prachtige stad, dat ontken ik niet als Gentse :-)
Waar hebben jullie gelogeerd?
Prachtige foto's hoor, heel leuk!

Mika said...

Hi, hoop dat je moeder zich beter voelt.
Moest wel lachten om de graffiti straat. De laatste keer dat we in Gent waren heb ik me helemaal gek gezocht hiernaar en zonder resultaat. Waar zit die straat????


Iris said...

Allereerst beterschap met je moeder! Hoop dat alles goed gaat met haar.
Enne nooit geweten dat Gent zo'n mooie stad is. Wat een prachtige foto;s!

Je@net said...

Wat een leuke foto's! En beterschap met je moeder!

Mélie said...

Seems to be a beautiful city !
Like the pic of you and Eric in front of the graffitis ! And so funny the bicycle pub ;)

Mika said...

Hoi, bedankt voor je beschrijving we gaan volgende keer op zoek. Hoop je weer snel te zien op mikascrap.
X Mika


Heyy Isolde !!
Hope your Mum is feeling better !!
and thank you for sharing those amaaaazing photos !!! wowwwww such a beautiful place with lots of interesting places :)