Friday, September 05, 2008

Here I am again

Hi girls,

Last weekend, Eric and I went on a citytrip to our capital Brussels. We had a wonderful time and finally some time to relax. It has been very busy at the café and I had lots of work for school. Yeah, school started again on Monday so that's why I haven't updated yet. When I get home, I'm so tired that I don't have the power to do much. I do some work for school and litte housework too. That means I have lots of clothes to wash and to iron this weekend.

Enjoy the pics of Brussels. I hope to update more in the next days

Love you all!!

Our hotel 'The Marriott'

In the elevator

Playing with shadows

If you look carefully you can see the reflection of 2 persons in one of the 'balls' Indeed, it's me and Eric


Veerle said...

Hier zit de 1e week er ook op. Ben ook heel erg moe! Nu lekker weekend. Ik had vorig weekend 8 logees die kwamen logeren en het was supermooi weer, dus erg leuk, maar was ook moe toen het schooljaar begon!!

daphné said...

Help, een verdwijning. Er wordt een groen kleedje vermist uit ons moeders kast ;).
Ik hoop dat het leuk was in Brussel.
Is Minoetje al thuisgekomen ondertussen?

Desi said...

Here I am, my dear, sorry for the silence, in the past weeks I wasn't in the right mood to be online and to update my blog, but now I feel a bit better, I'm trying to stay up and I also found a job.
Today I'll attend my friend's wedding as best woman, but tomorrow I'll try to write something on my blog ;-)
Thanks a lot for asking, I miss you so much, ttyl, a big kiss!!!!!

Iris said...

Gezellig om weer wat van je te horen!
Gave foto's van jullie weekendje Brussel! Heerlijk hoor, er even tussenuit!
Leuk tuniekje heb je aan op de foto's!

Enne succes weer op school. Het is even wennen maar na een dag zit je er weer helemaal in!

Goelie said...

Schoon kleedje! :)

Essie said...

Thanks for you comment on my blog. I've decided not to stop blogging after all. Changed my blogname, style, etc. Hope to see you on my new blog.

Lots of love,

Desi said...

Oh my dear!!! I'm so sorry that I lost your birthday, I wasn't online in those days, happy belated one!!!!! I'm so sad that I didn't write you in that special day, I really hope it was great, let me know about it.
A big kiss, ttyl, ciao!