Sunday, June 15, 2008

A night out

Last Thursday evening, Eric and I went out with our friends. We had dinner in a restaurant that has 1 star in the Michelin Guide. The cook is one of our clients at the pub so we wanted to taste his food. It was expensive but we got many things to eat. All diffrent tastes and the presentation of the food was excellent. We took a menu with wine so you can imagine that I was a bit tipsy at the end of the evening. Not that I was very drunk, just feeling happy. I guess you can see that we all enjoyed the evening.

In the restaurant
Having fun in the car

Group pic

A big kiss

Some more fun


charlotte said...

It's so nice to have a great restaurant experience! Sounds like you had a terrific night out. :-)

Adrienne said...

Glad you ahd a good time!

Desi said...

I'm glad that you had fun with your friends and there's always a convivial atmosphere at a good restaurant, for me it's the best place where to spend some times together.
A big kiss my dear, sometimes I'm online!

Desi said...

You know what? Maybe my parents will visit Belgium at the beginning of August..and if it's really sure at that moment and I'm not working yet, I'd come with them...and it'd be great to meet you finally!!!! I'll keep you informed about it, it'd be so much exciting!!
A big kiss, ciao my dear :-)

Mika said...

Good food en wine what do you want more than that. ounds like a great evening

Inge said...

Leuke foto's!!! (klaar om ze te scrappen?) Ziet er leuk uit!!

Je@net said...

Ziet er uit als een super gezellig avondje!!
En nu scrappen maar ;-)

Esther said...

Lucky you!
Going to such a fancy restaurant

Love, es

Iris said...

De gezelligheid straalt er vanaf! Dat is zeker een gezellig avondje geweest! Leuk!

Fijn weekend

Desi said...

Hi my dear, we don't know when we'll have our final relocation yet (it depends on the works into the flat), but we already know that we'll manage the first part on July 5th and around that day the kitchen will be delivered too, how exciting!
I can't wait to see some new photos of your future flat, time is really flying and you'll move soon!!
A big kiss and have a nice Sunday evening, ciao :)

Desi said...

You know, my dear, my mother and foster father confirmed that they'll visit Northern France and Belgium at the beginning of August and, if everything is ok and the flat won't be ready yet for that moment, I'll travel with them and we'll finally be able to meeeeeet =) I can't wait, what a great news item, don't you think? I'm so much excited!!!
If you want, I'll be online at about 5:30 pm today, well..I'm online now as well, but just after lunch I'll do my housework, so I won't be really in front of the pc for some hours.
Have a nice Sunday and I look forward to hear from you soon, ciao, a lot of kisses!!