Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Another week has gone by. Time flies so fast. Nothing special happened here so I'll post some pics as a review.
On Saturday night we watched the movie 'The Exorcists' on TV. OMG, I was so scared that I only watched the first 15 minutes.

Friday was the day I removed my Christmas tree and decoration. It's all in boxes and ready for next Christmas. The house looks a bit empty now :-(

On Wednesday we went to Brugge, shopping for clothes. I found a really nice dress for only 29 euro. I' m so happy with it. Shopping makes me tired so we went for a drink at Joey's Café. I always go there when I'm in Brugge. I'm drinking a Leffe, yummie!!

Maybe we'll go to Ikea this afternoon. I need some things to store my scrapbooking stuff. I hope the weather will be better in an hour as now it's so windy and it rains.


Adrienne said...

IKEA....did you say IKEA!?!? LOL LOVE that place!

Veerle said...

Ikea is een walhalla voor scrap-mensen!! :-) Ik heb er hier 1tje op 15 min rijden... :-)

Esther said...

Have fun in IKEA. Think you will found all you need over there.
Love, es

Iris said...

ooh veel plezier bij IKEA!!!
Enne erg leuk om zo eens wat foto's van je te zien! Zo leren we je op een andere manier kennen ;)

Je@net said...

Leuke foto's en een fijn weekend!!

Theresa Tyree said...

Gosh, it's been a while since I caught up with you! I'm so sorry I haven't been a good blog friend. I'll try to do better.

Ok, it's February 1st and my Christmas tree is still up. Isn't that stupid?

Shopping makes you tired? Drinking beer puts me to sleep! LOL!