Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First schooldays

My first days of the schoolyear was good. I was supernervous and couldn't sleep the day before but I guess all teachers are like that. In the morning it was busy because there were books, writing blocks, ... to give to the kids. In the afternoon I started my first lessons and they went ok. It was like I haven't been on summer holidays. All kids were nice and friendly. In the evening, I was so tired. I worked for school till 8 pm and then relaxed. I watched some tv till 10.30 pm and then went to bed.

Today was the second day and I wasn't nervous at all. In the afternoon I got a nice drawing from a girls in my class. She has written 'You are a beautiful and sweet teacher'. I was soooo happy. It's now on the wall in my classroom. Always nice to read stuff like that.

Later today, my sister came to give me my birthday present. I was so happy to see her as she lives 200 kms away from me. She had to be in my city for her job so she came to my house for a quick visit. Guess what she gave me????? A coupon for a wellness center. I can choose from 10 wellness centers, isn't that great?? My sister is such a fantastic girl. Love you, Goelie!!!


Veerle said...

Wat een leuk cadeau!! Leuk dat het goed gaat op school. Ik ben net terug thuis van m'n 2e werkdag en ook helemaal moe...

mommamikki said...

Well it sounds like you had a great first day! It's a blessing to have good kids! Can I have your sister for my sister? ha ha What and awesome gift she gave you...hope you enjoy it!

charlotte said...

It's nice to hear that you have had a great start teaching your class. And the girl who gave you the drawing is too cute! :-)

Great gift your sister gave you!! A wellness center!! Ahhhhh!!! Lucky you! :-)

Caroline van Scrap2be said...

Leuk te lezen dat het allemaal goed meegevallen is! Het zullen positieve zenuwen geweest zijn :-) En met zo'n cadeau zou iedereen toch in de wolken zijn, nietwaar? Al is een pakketje scrapspullen uiteraard ook niet te versmaden haha!