Thursday, August 09, 2007

More lay-outs

Here are the two pages I made on the crop last Wednesday at Kelly's place. I promised to show them to you but forgot. Shame on me!!
Eric and his youngest son, Laurent

In April we went to the sea for 2 days. Made this page with some pics that show how our days were.

Enjoy your Thursday!!


Je@net said...

Great lay-outs Isolde!!

lam said...

absolutly beautiful. Love the colours and the doodling looks awesome

charlotte said...

Wonderful pages you have created! I love your doodling and colors. And it seems like you had a great time by the sea!

(I just found out that you tagged me in your previous post! ... I will figure out some answers and make a post on my blog!).

Have a nice weekend, Sweetie!

Lilian Schneider said...

I love these layouts, great job!

Vanessa said...

uhu!!! veryvery nice!!!!!

Dawn Stan said...

Lovely layouts Sollie.